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Certainly you will find the worst players on the micro limits compared to other limits and of course  the micros are the easiest to beat. However, this does not automatically mean that it is so easy and everything goes by itself.

At Micro Limits, you will find a lot of wild players and totally crazy ways of playing and different types of players. You have to learn to endure various bad beats without tilts and never lose focus. As always, you have to pursue a strategy that has a positive expectation. Is a decision + EV brings this long term money.

We used a bit time and created  a list with the 10 most common mistakes that players make on micros again and again.

Play to loose

Just because everyone else is playing more than 50% of their hands on the table, does not mean we have to it too. It is important to understand that there are only a certain number of starting hands, which are profitable to play. Normally we only play 15-25% of our starting hands. The purpose is to win money and not to gamble.

Play to tight

Many players also do the opposite, which is also a mistake. In online poker, it is common that many players play a lot of tables at the same time and therefore automatically play a lot tighter and wait only for the premium hands. And that’s exactly what we should do to advantage to tap chips. It must always be a healthy mediocrity between tight and loose.

To aggressive

Many players just make the mistake of being too aggressive. That can be that they simply just re raise to many hands preflop(3bet), or to many C-Bets on the flop. Although you will not find the elite of the poker scene on the Micro Limits, there are still some attentive players who will quickly punish this mistake and call or reraise you a lot more often. So you should not overdo it and fold sometimes that you have a good image at the table.

To passive

Too passive is of course also not good. There are several situations where an aggressive style of play is simply necessary. That can be a weak pair or a good draw. If you only play monsters, your game will simply be to transparent and your opponents will be prepared for it, which means you will never win much with your monster hands.

Play out of position

Unfortunately to many players still have not understood how important position is in poker. It just makes much more sense if the players have to act before you and you can control the whole thing behind and react accordingly. Out of position, you should really just play with me a little stronger hands.

Overplay hands on the flop

Many beginners make the mistake of playing to many hands on the flop, or overplay them. We should not just make a call without a plan to see what happens on the turn. If we make a call on the flop then we should already have a plan how to play the hand till the river, or under what conditions we give up the hand.

It is important to avoid investing to much money / chips with bad hands.

To fold too often on the flop

We can not always hit the flop, but that does not mean that we should basically give up our hand if we do not hit. It’s not that your opponent always hits. So if the flop is not to dangerous and we have a hand that can become better, then you should not always fold on your opponent’s C-bet.

No Bluffing

It’s not like the TV movies that you can only win poker with crazy bluffs. Nevertheless, it belongs to a good poker player that he bluffes in certain situations. The standard bluff that is standard for every poker player is the C-Bet. You raise and another player calls. The flop shows  K84. We hold A6 and did not hit anything. However, our opponent also hit only every 3 times and the chance that he did not hit anything is very big. In this case, we play a C-Bet bluff of max 1/2 pot. Of course, there are many other good options for a bluff. This was just one example

Change your own game due to short-term results

Many players are fooled by short-term results and therefore change their game which is a big mistake. If an action has a positive expectation value, we will succeed in the long term. The easiest way to explain this is with the hand AA. Just because we have lost AA 3 times in a row, it does not mean that we fold the hand in future. The hand is strong and has a positive expectation and therefore the hand preflop would always go all-in. Of course this was a very simple example but understandable for everybody. An the same it is with different other situations which are not so clear like this one with AA.

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