Helpful tips to beat micro limits

Diving into online poker? Micro limits offer affordable real money action, teeming with inexperienced players rather than high-level sharks. While these stakes seem easy, winning isn’t guaranteed. While luck plays a role, truly satisfying victories come from outplaying opponents. Putting effort into learning and preparation sets you apart from many who don’t. At micro limits, you’ll encounter unpredictable players with unique playstyles. While it’s thrilling to go all-in with Kings against Jacks, it’s disheartening when a Jack turns up on the river. Bad beats are part of the game. Focus and a long-term strategy are key at micro stakes. Here are ten common mistakes to avoid for more profitable sessions:

Playing too loosely

Notice many players in every flop at micro stakes? While tempting, playing every hand isn’t profitable. Stick to top 15%-25% starting hands. Remember, poker’s aim is to win money, not merely gamble.

Play too tightly

Facing reckless raises can lead to excessive folding. Tight players risk premium hands, thinking others are high-risk. Adjust your range to trap loose players, leading to bigger pots. Alternatively, exploit tight players by pushing them off pots.

Being too aggressive

Inspired by poker pros’ aggressive plays on TV? While aggression boosts your win rate, overdoing it risks your bankroll. Regularly assess your play. Micro stakes might not have pros, but some players study the game. Create a good table image instead of being overly aggressive.

Being too passive

Being overly passive isn’t ideal either. Some situations demand aggressive play. Making predictable moves like only playing monster hands makes you easy to read. Give action to earn action.

Play out of position

Position is crucial. Acting after others lets you control aggression and pot size. While you can broaden your range close to the button, tighten up when out of position.

Overplay hands on flop

New players often overplay on the flop. Don’t call without a plan for subsequent rounds. Skilled players think several moves ahead. Prioritize chip preservation over blind aggression.

Fold too often on flop

While it’s great to always hit the flop, reality is different. If your opponent likely missed the flop too, consider calling or re-raising their bet.

No bluffing

Despite movie portrayals, frequent bluffing at micro stakes isn’t often rewarding. Limit bluffs to situations with long-term profitability. For instance, raising an unopened pot from a good position, even if you miss the flop, can secure the pot.

Change your game due to short-term results

Don’t be swayed by temporary outcomes or let short-term results alter your strategy. If a move has a positive long-term value, it’s right, regardless of immediate results. Understand variance, especially at micro stakes. Adhering to these tips helps navigate downswings for consistent profits.

Good luck on virtual felt!

last updated 18.09.2023