Rush&Cash, the new Fast Fold Variant in the the GG Network

Since June, the gg network has its own Fast Fold variant in which the network advertises an incredible 65% Flat Rakeback. We took a closer look at this version and got some feedback from our players, who took a look at the tables.

In this article, we will state what Fast-Fold Poker variant like Rush & Cash is and how it works. As you know, the rules are from the regular Texas Holdem cash game. The big difference here is that you do not sit at a fixed table with 6 or 9 players, but play against a much larger pool of players. As soon as you fold a hand, you are put on another table immediately; so it never gets boring. You do not have to wait too long until the other players are done. There is always action!

Important: Be in touch with us if you want to agree a very exclusive vip deal at one of our gg partner sites to boost your winnings while playing Rush&Cash. Of course all from us is additional to the normal fish buffet rakeback program and the daily rake races.

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600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

1.000$ Bonus/Up to 100% Rakeback

There exist 7 different limits:

  • Nl2
  • NL5
  • NL20
  • NL50
  • NL100
  • NL200
Stake Table Name SB BB Ante Min Buy-In Max Buy-In Max Players Rake % Rake Cap
Middle $1 $2 $100 $200 6 5% $6
$0.5 $1 $50 $100 6 5% $3
$0.25 $0.50 $25 $50 6 5% $1.5
$0.10 $0.25 $12 $25 6 5% $0.75
Low $0.05 $0.10 $5 $10 6 5% $0.3
$0.02 $0.05 $2.5 $5 6 5% $0.15
$0.01 $0.02 $1 $2 6 5% $0.06

How much rakeback players receive while playing Rush&Cash?

All players participate in the Fish Buffet program which offers up to 60% Cashback at the top level. Additional the gg network have daily rake races worth 33k. Thsi rake races have a fantastic value for grinders.

It is necessary to keep in mind that there are cash drops that are added to the pot by a random system, which makes it absurd. The cash drops vary from 10BB up to 600BB. Of course, this is very interesting, and it can bring a lot of extra cash for the owned bankroll, but you should not call it a rakeback because the cash drops have nothing to do with the generated rake. The network deducts automatically 1 Big Blind if the Pot is higher than 30 BB to cover the costs for the Cash Drops.

New players also have a welcome bonus, which is depending on the skin up to 1.000$.

As you see you can earn a lot of rakeback if you are playing rush&cash at the ggpoker network. With the exclusive promotions and deals from YourPokerDream you can even reach much more. Even 100% is possible!

How do Cash Drops work precisely?

First and foremost, let’s go back to the cash drops of the Rush & Cash variant. For smaller cash drops, the amount is added directly to the pot and the winner of that pot receives the added extra money. All other players at the table receive nothing. The action here remarkably increases when the extra money is added to the pot because only the winner gets something.

For larger cash drops, the amount is divided among all players, which is good because, in the end, everyone gets something without even a hand to play.

There are also hands that are distributed without any cash drops.

Cash Drop Probabilities

Drop Amount (Blinds) Drops To Drop Rate
600 Player Stacks 1 / 100,000
20 Pot 111 / 100,000
15 Pot 385 / 100,000
10 Pot 1,900 / 100,000

Is playing Rush&Cash profitable?

It is very profitable playing Rush&Cash, but you have to adjust to a higher variance similar to Spin&Go tournaments, and solid bankroll management is recommended. Additionally, you have to get prepared because the game often goes crazy. It is also necessary to have a strong mindset.

We should mention that Rush&Cash is a PVI affected variant like almost all in the gg network. But the soft player field, together with the daily rake races, the general rakeback program from GG and the exclusive YourPokerDream VIP Deals, there is enough value to play rush&cash very profitable.

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