A poker player is a person who like to play the card game poker. There are many different types of poker players or different types of players. In the past, poker did not have a very good reputation, and it was only associated with gambling and illegal games by criminals in back rooms. Today, poker is a big media event, and in the US  some poker players are the same famous and big as actors and sports stars. Tournaments will be broadcast live on TV and commented on all over the world.

If you said 20 years ago that your profession is a poker player, you would have been looked at and laughed at. Today you are respected for being one of the best poker players in the world. Big stars from the sports world and from Hollywood are under contract with the major online providers. We are talking about names like Rafael Nadal, Boris Becker, Mario Basler, Christiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart and many more. To be a poker player is In!

Who are the most famous poker players?

As already mentioned at the beginning, the well-known poker players come from the USA.

Daniel Negreanu poker player

The well known include Daniel Negreanu (nickname KidPoker) from Canada. Daniel is the leader in live tournament winnings with an incredible amount of $ 35,924,594. He is also one of the most popular players in the scene because of his relaxed manner and his good and respectful behavior at the poker table. In the second season of High Stakes Poker he lost very unlucky against Gus Hansen in a single hand $ 575,700. Despite this high loss, he remained completely relaxed and behaved like a gentleman.

Negreanu has won 6 bracelets at the WSOP so far, reaching 103 times the paid places, only Phil Hellmuth did more.

He has also been with PokerStars as a brand ambassador for years.


Phil Ivey poker player

Also Phil Ivey is one of the absolute top stars of the scene. He is said to be the best allrounder in poker. No matter if tournament poker or cash game, live or online, Texas No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha, there is no high stakes game where Phil Ivey has not yet been there.

Ivey is a regular guest at the so called Big Game at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, where the blinds are an incredible $ 4,000/$ 8,000. Legendary is the game when he won $ 16 million from Texas billionaire Andrew Beal with blinds of $ 50,000/$ 100,000 in 3 days.

He has won a total of 10 bracelets at the WSOP in Las Vegas and nearly $ 24 million in live tournament prize money. It should be noted that his winnings when counting online poker and cash game games amount to well over 50 million.


Phil Hellmuth poker player

Phil Hellmuth, whose name is Poker Brat, is the player with the most WSOP bracelets, a total of 14 of which he has won over the years and 128 times one of the paid places in the WSOP. No poker player has won more than Phil Hellmuth. He is also the youngest winner of the WSOP Main Event, which he won in 1989 at the age of 24 years.

Hellmuth has earned over $ 22 million in live poker so far and his signature discipline is Texas No Limit Hold’em. His playing skills are beyond question, but he is more often due to his verbal freak outs on the poker table. Unforgettable as he has insulted a player in the WSOP Main Event several times within 2-3 minutes as an idiot, which is a No Go in the scene. At another tournament, he cursed his opponent that he could not even spell the word “poker”. He does not like losing and verbally abusing and instructing his opponents after an unlucky hand.

Nobody has a bigger ego than he does the following statements from him:

If luck weren’t involved I guess I’d win every one” ”

I’ve revolutionized the way to play Texas hold ’em” ”

There are many other well known and famous poker players, but if we list all of them here, this article would be endless.

Are there also famous German poker players?

Germany is the second largest and largest poker market behind the USA. However, the whole thing is not yet marketed as much on TV as in the US and for this reason, the German poker players are not so well known when compared with the US players. The most well known German poker players are certainly Boris Becker or Mario Basler, but these are indeed with online poker providers as a brand ambassador under contract and not a full-time poker player.

What many do not know is that German poker players are the best in the world and dominate the high roller scene. Even Daniel Negreanu, who is one of the best players in the world, says openly that German poker players are the best in the world.

Fedor Holz Poker player

One of the most successful German poker players is none other than Fedor Holz. Holz is an absolute exceptional player, having won nearly $ 27 million in live tournament prize money and almost $ 3 million in online poker 24 years ago.

He has been under contract with our partner PartyPoker since 2017 and serves as brand ambassador. With his 24 years he is one of the best tournament players in the world and is appreciated and respected all over the world.

His biggest achievement was winning the Super High Roller Event at Paranaque in the Philippines, where he won nearly $ 3.5 million in prize money. He also won other high roller events with more than $ 1 million in prize money.

Speaking of German poker players, Fedor Holz is at the top


Pius Heinz poker player

But there’s another who created a small poker boom in Germany when he won the 2011 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas and won nearly $ 9 million in prize money against thousands of poker players at the  most important tournament in the world. Since then it has become quiet around him and apart from a few small places in the money there has not been much news of him since this time.

Pius Heinz is certainly not the best poker player, of course also not the worst. But it’s an example, the same like Chris Moneymaker 2003, that everything is possible in poker. Everyone can create the big coup and change his life abruptly.

But there are also many other successful poker players such as Christoph Vogelsang with nearly $ 16,000,000 in prize money, Dominik Nitsche, Tobias Reinkemeier, Rainer Kempe, all of them have won over $ 10 million in prize money at various poker tournaments and hundreds more with winnings in the millions range. These are all very good and successful poker players but not as well known and as much in public as Fedor Holz or Pius Heinz.

Which kind of poker players exists?

Poker is a very complex game, giving players plenty of space to develop their own style of play. Of course, every professional poker player pursues a strategy and must adhere to certain probabilities in order to succeed in the long term, but the way is different.

We at YourPokerDream have a very nice article, which deals with the different types of players in poker.

What i need to do to become a good poker player?

If you know the poker rules, are motivated, have the necessary patience and diligence, then there is nothing in the way of a successful career as a poker player. Thousands of players around the world are successful poker players, earning money. But being able to handle the rules on your own and a few basics is not enough to become a good player.

It is not so difficult to develop your own game and to beat the first limits so called microstakes, but it does not work without to do anything. We at YourPokerDream have a very detailed strategy section that will help you with various articles to improve your game and to understand poker.

To increase your profits, we offer our poker players exclusive VIP rakeback deals and a variety of other promotions in the form of freeroll tournaments, no deposit bonuses and more. Our goal is to make you a better poker player and make more money.

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