multi table tournaments

To reach the final table is the goal of every tournament player

You may be at that situation where you have been at the final table for many hours in a tournament, and you know the finish line is not too far ahead – they are just ten players left in the game out many fields of players. Also, you don’t want to go out of this table, winning only the 10th place money.

Nevertheless, if you are in this situation, you need to take risks and use the aggression style to get the best depending on the stack size, your opponents, or the way the tournament is structured.

In this article, we will share a bit of vital advice on how to play the final tournament bubbles, using the aggressive style and when to sit back and play tight.

When you are short-handed

When you are in the money bubbles, you are playing 8- or 9-handed, but when on the final table there are more than six players. Playing at the final table bubble requires you put in more hands due to the fact that you will also be at the state where you have to put in blinds.

Furthermore, it is highly necessary that you slack a little bit if you are involved in an event with a blind ante. Since there are only six or more players on the final table bubble, then they will only be six antes to contend.

No player wants to be dropped on the final table

No player wants to lose during the final table in any tournament whatsoever. The fact that the players put a lot to be at the closing table and there is big money to be won is a big reason why you need to take hold of this opportunity and play aggressively.

The effect of ICM bursting is not big

Tournaments such as the WSOP Main Event mark a big difference between getting 10th and 9th, but it is necessary to know most matches doesn’t have a high impact whether you are 8th, 9th or 10th at the final table. Events like the Sunday Warm-up on PokerStars, which had a buy-in of $215 had little difference on the payouts 9th and 10th place.

When you need to play tight

If you are always getting in the final table, you need to know when playing tight is right for you. However, no matter how experienced you are in the game, it is a good thing you play tight in certain situations like:

When opponents play aggressively

In the scenario where your opponents play persistently, it is best you relax and wait for one of them to make a very nervous move with a wrong end.

When making the final table is important

Playing very tight should be employed usually in big events such as the WSOP Main Event, where the sponsorship shoots up from 10th to 9th.

When the prize money is essential

If the prize money in the 9th and 10th place has a big difference between each other, then it is crucial you level-up your game.

Final Words

It is necessary you play aggressively when you lead the chips in the game because your opponents will try as much as possible to stay out of your way.


last updated 28.08.2023