What is the main source of your traffic?*

    How would you characterize your players?*

    How many active monthly players do you have now?*

    How many new players do you acquire a month, on average?*

    Do you have any players who, on average, have profited more than 5K/month across all poker rooms?

    If so, How many?

    Have you worked in affiliation before?*

    Do you currently have any sub affiliate deals?*

    Have you previously worked with any poker rooms?*

    What is your total average monthly NetRake in USD(or another comparable metric) across all channels?*

    Do you usually work on:*

    Do you currently offer any exclusive offers or promotions for your players?*

    Do you have direct contact with a significant portion of your players?*
    (via email, discord group, telegram group, etc)

    Has your business ever been banned from working with a poker room?*

    Have you ever had a situation where a poker room has banned more than 3 of your players in the same day?*

    In your best estimation, how many of your players will be able to fully verify their accounts with selfies and documents?*

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    last updated 13.05.2024