Explanation of the YPD points in your user account, our promotions/deals and the payments

Since we receive inquiries from players every day and our support is desperate, there is now a special post that explains everything again in detail.

When playing at the poker tables, you will receive YPD points if your player account has been created by us using our special registration links or a bonus code. These points are required for our internal VIP system and our exclusive promotions.

However, there are two different counting methods:

  • 1$ gross rake = 1 YPD point (applies to all poker rooms except of Natural8,Unibet,WPTGlobal,GGPoker)
  • 1 $ Netrake = 1 YPD point (only applies to Unibet,GGPoker,WPTGlobal and Natural8)

The gross rake is the normal rake counted by the poker room/network and forwarded to YourPokerDream. So if you see 10 YPD points in your account, that means you have generated $ 10 rake. We use these YPD points for our 25k Main Rake Race, and all our VIP Rakeback deals.

Now there are exceptions such as Unibet, Natural8, GGPoker and WPTGlobal. Your Netrake is crucial for this special promotion and not the normal rake. Also we have some special vip deals players which are based on the Netrake.

The best thing to do is read our “What does Netrake mean?” article.

Where can I see my YPD points?

Log In at YourPokerDeam, then click on “Overview”. There you will find your YPD points and all other important information

Do I collect at every ypd partner site YPD points?

No, at Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet not because of our VIP Flat Rakeback Deal! Depending on your country you are maybe excluded from some of our promotions also at other partner sites. Please contact us to be sure that your country is not excluded.

How often are my YPD points updated?

We usually update all points every 24 hours. Of course, this depends on whether the poker room sends us new data. The times here are very different and for one site the data come early in the morning, for another only at 4:00 p.m. As soon as we have received data, we upload it 1: 1 to your YPD account.

Why do I see 0 YPD points?

That can have several reasons. For the first time, it is important that you have entered your username in your YPD account at the respective poker room. If we do not have a username from you, we cannot upload any data and also not check if your account is tagged to us.

If your username is entered correctly and you still don’t see any YPD points, your player account is not linked to YourPokerDream. It doesn’t help to simply enter a username from an existing account that was not created via the special sign-up links/ bonus codes of YourPokerDream. As a result, you cannot participate in our exclusive promotions and receive no extra rakeback.

Depending on your country you are maybe excluded from some of our promotions also at other partner sites and that’s why you see 0 YPD Points. Please contact us to be sure that your country is not excluded.

At Betsson/Betsafe/Nordicbet, players get no YPD points due to a very special Flat Rakeback Deal!

Why are my YPD points in the minus or less as the day before?

This happens very rarely, but is possible with providers where the Netrake is converted into YPD points. Again, we recommend that you read our “What is Netrake” article to understand why you can have fewer points as day before or even have a negative amount of points.

Can I have a VIP Deal and participate in the 25k Main Rake Race?

No, all players who have a special VIP deal are no longer eligible to participate in the 25k Main Rake Race or any other YPD Promotions and will not receive a prize, even if the username is listed in the leaderboard. Our VIP deal has a much higher value than our 25k race. Players with special VIP deals also do not participate in our normal VIP system.

Why I do not receive a ticket for the private YPD tournaments at GGPoker?

All information about our private tournaments at GGPoker you fine HERE

Why do I have a lot of YPD Points, but I receive less than 50% Rakeback at JackPoker?

Please note that all bonuses that you receive directly from the poker room are deducted from the rakeback. Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses or other amounts that are credited to you as a player.

So if you have 1.000 YPD Points and a 50% Flat Rakeback Deal, but you received 300$ from the welcome bonus, you would receive only 200$ from us because all together it would be 50% Rakeback.

Why has my VIP deal at PartyPoker / Bwin been cut a little?

All of our VIP deals at PartyPoker / Bwin are based on the fact that a player does not receive more than 40% rakeback. If a player receives more rakeback through certain rake races or reload bonuses, we may have to adjust the deal depending on the extra rakeback he received and the location of the player (tax reasons) so that nothing slips into the red.

The reason for this is that we are paid after a player’s netrake, and we have to pay for every bonus a player receives. The more a player receives directly from Party / Bwin, the smaller our income.

Important: If a player reaches Diamond or Diamond Elite Status, our VIP Deal will be automatically reduced.

Players from Austria and Germany are excluded from all YPD promotions/deals!

As a player at PartyPoker / Bwin, why am I only allowed to participate in the exclusive YourPokerDream promotions/deals for 3 years?

After 3 years, Party / Bwin cut the deals for every player/affiliate in the world. Nobody can do anything about it and therefore all deals and promotions from affiliates are limited to a duration of 3 years after registration.

When does YourPokerDream pay out the prizes of exclusive promotions/races/deals?

The payment dates are very different. With some poker rooms this can already be on 01-05th of a month, with others, on the 15-20th. The approximate payment dates can be found in your YPD account under “Overview” a little further down.

As soon as a month is over, we upload all bonuses on 01-03th into your YPD account. You see there then how much you get, from which promotion it is and the status is “Pending”. As soon as everything has been paid out, the status changes to “Paid” and also the date.

Are the prizes always paid directly to the player’s account?

Usually yes. Here you also get all the important information in your YPD account under “Overview”. If a payment to the player account is not possible, you have to include a BTC or USDT(ERC20) wallet in your YPD account so that we can pay you out.

I have not received my payment. What can I do?

If the specified payment date has passed, first check whether you are playing in a poker room where the payments are made directly to the player’s account. Maybe you have to enter a BTC or USDT(ERC20) wallet?

If everything is ok, and we have not published any news that there are no delays, write to backoffice@yourpokerdream.com in English if possible and our team will check it.

Important for all PartyPoker players: All amounts under $10 are collected, as we cannot send bonuses under $10. Unfortunately, that’s a rule from PartyPoker.

Author: YPD
last updated 14.09.2023