Neteller is clearly the best e-wallet provider on the market. As a Neteller customer, you have numerous options to deposit money into your own account, which are associated with certain fees. The use of the net card, Neteller’s own prepaid master card, is also subject to certain fees and limits.

In this post we would like to inform you about the Neteller fees and limits in detail.

Neteller Deposit Methods inlcuded Fees

There are numerous deposit options which Neteller offers. These may differ slightly depending on the country.

Withdrawal Fees

There are many ways to spend your available Neteller balance. By using the prepaid master card, depositing money at an online poker room, casino, sportsbook ait or just transfer it to a friend.

  • Wire Transfer: 7,50 Euro
  • Money Express: 1,45%, For VIPs Free
  • Withdrawal ATM Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: 0-1,75%
  • Cheque: 7,50 Euro
  • Merchant Deposit(Poker,Casino,Sport etc): Gebührenfrei
  • Paying with the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: For free if you pay in your own currency

Neteller Fees Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

neteller card

The Neteller Prepaid MasterCard is highly embossed and looks like a real credit card. This is widely accepted and works on almost all ATMs in the world. Go shopping, rent a car, buy something on the Internet or just withdraw cash, with the Neteller card, all this is easily possible.

  • Order and Shipping Fees Card: 10 Euro
  • Fee for every withdrawal at a ATM(worldwide): 1,75%
  • Currency Exchange Fees: 3,99%, 1,25% for VIP Members
  • Lost and Replace of the Card: 10 Euro
  • Additional virtual card 2,50 Euro
  • Yearly Fee: 8€ ( For VIPs Free)

Lower Fees as VIP Memeber

Neteller offers all customers a very attractive VIP program and depending on their VIP status, the fees for deposits and withdrawals, money transfers or the use of the master card are also reduced. It is worth being VIP!

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 19.05.2019