The online poker market is complex with a variety of regulations that can vary by country. In some cases, players from certain countries may not be able to access certain poker platforms directly due to these regulations. This is where poker agents come into play.

In this article, we’d like to go into a bit more detail about depositing/withdrawing through an agent and clarify what this actually means. In itself, it is actually a great thing, because it offers the player the opportunity to play at a certain poker room, although his country is actually excluded there, or to use a payment method that he normally could not use.

So a detour is taken here and the laws are perhaps stretched a bit. The poker rooms benefit from this, of course, even if they don’t make a big fuss about it and something like this tends to happen in the background. It goes without saying that no poker room can officially advertise that it provides access to players in excluded countries via agents in a roundabout way.

Before we get into the pros and cons, let’s first briefly explain how it all works.

What is a poker agent?

A poker agent, often referred to simply as an “agent”, is a third party that mediates between the player and the online poker provider. The agent allows players to play in poker rooms that they would not normally be able to use directly, facilitating deposits and withdrawals by transferring money from A to B. The player sends a certain amount of money to the poker room. So, the player sends a certain amount, usually via Bitcoin or USDT, to the agent and the agent credits the amount to the player’s account. The same thing happens when a withdrawal is made. The amount is sent back to the agent (usually via P2P, or the agent can debit the amount directly from the player account) and the agent then executes the payout to the player. Actually, it’s all quite simple!

Advantages and disadvantages of poker agents: Chances, risks and security advice

If everything is done seriously, there are numerous advantages for the player who uses this service. For one, he will receive his payouts much faster than if he would process them directly through the poker room.

However, the biggest advantage is definitely that the player has the opportunity to play at a poker room to which he would otherwise not have access and there are also no limits. However, as mentioned earlier, many players also use an agent even though their country is not excluded at a poker room, as it allows them to use different cryptocurrencies as payment methods. An agent is the perfect way to solve this problem here.

Even though there are numerous advantages, there is also a downside to the coin. It is not uncommon that the ability to process one’s transactions through an agent is exploited by different people to create multiple accounts and thus take advantage of various welcome gifts and promotions. This is of course a thorn in the side of the poker rooms and, should this be noticed, the whole thing will be stopped as quickly as possible.

A much bigger issue, however, is player safety. Everyone must be aware that this is a business relationship based on trust. So you should think carefully about who you send your money to. It is not uncommon for players to report to us that they have had problems with a dubious agent and some have even been cheated out of their money. If someone offers you something like this in a forum or on another platform, you should definitely be careful. The poker rooms are not liable in such a case and the risk is 100% on your shoulders.

Does YourPokerDream act as an agent?

Yes, we offer the service of acting as an agent for many poker rooms and can help you to play there. For more information please contact our support team.

Skype: vip-yourpokerdream



Advantages of transactions through an agent

Access to more platforms: Players can gain access to poker rooms through agents that they would otherwise not be able to use due to geographic restrictions.

Faster transactions: Some players report that transactions are faster through agents than directly through the poker room.

Variety in payment options: Agents can offer additional payment methods, particularly cryptocurrencies, that a poker room may not directly support.

Risks and concerns:

Trust issues: the relationship relies heavily on trust. There is no guarantee that an agent is honest, and there are reports of players being scammed by rogue agents.

No official endorsement: many poker rooms do not officially endorse the use of agents and are not liable for any losses or problems they cause.

Legal gray areas: The use of an agent can enter legal gray areas, especially if it is used to circumvent regional restrictions.

Tips for choosing a poker agent:

  1. Check reputation: Before choosing an agent, check their credibility and reputation in the poker community.
  2. Clear agreements: Make sure that all terms and fees are clearly stated before entering into any collaboration.
  3. Communication: a good agent should be easily reachable and respond quickly to requests.

In conclusion, using a poker agent offers both opportunities and risks. Players should be aware of the potential dangers and do careful research before using this service.

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 19.12.2023