The PokerStars Sunday Million event, renowned in today’s poker industry, marked its 17th anniversary on March 26. To commemorate, a hefty $7.5 million was put into the event, with $1 million set aside for the victor. The winner of this year’s event is Ricardo “RFN1986” Nagamoto from Brasil.

The First Sunday Million Event

Originating on March 6th, 2006, the inaugural Sunday Million event drew 5,893 entrants, each contributing $215 in hopes of victory. Player “aaaaaaaa” clinched the top spot, securing $173,843. Since its inception, there have been 613 additional Sunday Million events with over 4.8 million participants, generating a cumulative prize pool of $750 million. Special editions have also been held, such as the 4th anniversary in February 2010 with a $4 million prize pool, which was taken home by RichieRichZH.

The Greatest Sunday Million Event

The record-breaking 15th Anniversary Sunday Million event on March 21st, 2021 stands as the largest online poker tournament. It attracted 69.876 players, amassing a staggering $13.975.200 prize pool. Canada’s Vanessa “Niffller” Kate emerged as the champion, bagging $1,514,920. With such vast participation, achieving victory might seem like a dream. Yet, numerous players have stood out. For instance, Jesper “KipsterDK” Hougaard, the first to clinch a WSOP bracelet in both Las Vegas and Europe, also became a two-time Sunday Million champion. Impressively, fifteen others have secured wins in this event. Notably, Artem “veeea” Vezhenkov has triumphed thrice, making him the sole player to achieve this.


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