tired while playing poker

Playing poker if you are tired can be dangerous

If you travel to Las Vegas this year – or somewhere else where you want to play poker in a short amount of time – you’ll have to cope with being on your feet for a long time.

There is nothing wrong with playing long sessions until late into the night. Often it is even part of the game – for example, when you sit at a crazy table and want to exploit the situation. In these situations, when the table is really really good, there’s nothing to stop you from doing anything to get involved as long as possible.

But playing tired can have catastrophic consequences. Sometimes the problem even gets worse if you do not realize that you are too tired. This is like driving a car under the influence of alcohol. Some drivers erroneously claim that they drive with alcohol even better. This is of course nonsense, as the judgment and the reaction time are demonstrably impaired. But because they are compromised, the drivers mistakenly believe that they drive better. They feel better when they are under the influence of alcohol.

When we are extremely tired, our perception diminishes and we do not realize that we are tired. At some point, exhausted players are even too tired to get up and leave the room. They feel tied to their chairs and without realizing it, make mistakes – they are too passive or careless and the hours go by until dusk sets in.


Sure, people are always yawning. But we are talking about repeated, uncontrollable yawning – a couple of times or more every few minutes. This is a reliable indicator of severe fatigue.

The eyes blink

Smoke can do that, but it is also a symptom of extreme fatigue. This is especially the case when you blink and yawn a lot (even if you tell yourself that you’re fine).

When you have to move your head or body to look at objects or people in the poker room

When you’re not tired, your eyes move without any problem. They jump effortlessly from object to object. However, if you are extremely tired, it will be harder for your eyes to move, and you will unconsciously feel that you need to help with your head or upper body.

To sit crooked or hold your head with your hands and armsm

Some people always hang their shoulders, whether they are tired or just getting up. However, those who normally sit in an upright position at the poker table only sit crookedly when he or she is tired. Be especially concerned if you support your chin with your hand or rest your head on your arms.


Can you answer the waiter quickly if you want a drink? Do you remember how the hand evolved and who raised it? Or are you having trouble memorizing the simplest details of a hand, playing when it’s not your turn, and “drifting away” in thought? If the latter is the case, you are probably dead tired.

The head is heavy

Your head weighs about 20 pounds. Normally, it should be easy to move him. As soon as the tiredness sets in, the neck and shoulder muscles complain about the load to be carried. The head suddenly feels heavy, and as a result, you feel the need to rest your head on your hand or arm. If you feel the weight of your head at the poker table, it means that you are extremely tired.

Thinking that you could be tired

This idea can only arise if you feel weak and exhausted. No one who has slept well thinks, “I wonder if I’m too tired to play.” So, if you’re thinking about getting tired, you’re probably too, and you should seriously think about it. to end the session for now.

Close the eyes

If you’re tired, it feels incredibly good to close your eyes. If you’re not playing in a room that smokes a lot, there is no other understandable reason but fatigue, why you should close your eyes.

You were awake for more than 18 hours in the last 24 hours

Think about it when you got up that day. If you have not lain down in between and it’s been 18 hours or more since you’ve slept, this is a very sure indicator that you have been awake for too long and are in dire need of sleep.

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