The poker boom is over, but the online poker market continues to grow

If you surf a bit on the Internet and look to different forums, you often read statements like “Online Poker is Dead” or “The Poker Market is Dead”. But the reality is very different and anyone who analyzes the whole thing a little more can quickly see how the online poker market is.

The main reason for such statements is due to the fact that the number of players has not risen in recent years, and even somewhat lower at some sites. That is true, but you have to see this from another perspective. The number of players has not really gone down but in the last years, a lot of countries have regulated poker and separated their player pool from the international market.

We are talking here especially about: France, Italy, and Spain. All three countries are among the leaders in the online poker market, and due to the separation from the international pool of players, the number of players has of course not risen.

Also, we should not forget that players from the U.S  only play on offshore sites such as Americas Cardroom and BlackChipPoker for many years. There are no doubts that the American market is incredibly big and it is a pity the US players are not allowed to play on other sites. This can change in the future and a lot of people are hoping for it.

Overall, if we leave out all the regulation and evaluate the general online poker market, there is nothing negative to say and it can be said that it continues to grow.

The Asian market is growing

The Asian market is getting stronger and online poker is becoming more popular. Of course, this market is very interesting due to the high population over there; hardly any online poker schools and sites bring you closer to the strategic aspects. Therefore, Asian players are very welcome.

There are already a few European sites that accept players from Thailand, China, and Japan. If you are looking for big gains from Asia, then you only have to play on GG network at Natural8 or BestPoker.

That said, only a very small part of online poker functions in Asia. You can imagine what an incredibly strong impact that will have on the international online poker market if the Asian market continues to grow.

How the future looks

In lots of other countries, online poker is becoming prominent; despite the many regulations, the poker market has continued to grow. Although, this growth is not as fast as it used to be during the poker boom in 2003-2009,  but it’s going in the right direction and that’s all that matters.

You do not have to worry about the online poker market. The development is going in the right direction as also shown by the incredible tournament series with several million guaranteed prize money. It becomes all higher and higher!

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