The poker boom might have slowed down, but the online poker market continues to grow

Many quickly conclude that the online poker industry is struggling or even dying. But for those active in the last 18 months, it’s clear the scene remains vibrant. While there are reports indicating stagnant or declining player numbers in recent years, these numbers don’t capture the whole story.

Statistical reports can be deceptive. Global numbers might not show growth because nations are taking individual stances on online poker and gambling. Some nations have tightened regulations, while others have loosened them. For instance, when a country aims to protect its domestic market, they might regulate online poker by separating their player base from the global pool.

France, Italy, and Spain, influential economies, have chosen to insulate their poker players from the global community. This can affect the international flow of online poker traffic.

But, if we step back and consider the online poker industry without focusing too much on regulations, it’s evident that it’s still growing.

Online poker worldwide is enjoying increasing popularity

The global online poker market thrives and evolves with new players bringing dynamic changes to the game. With smartphone use rising, there’s a shift to mobile platforms and innovative designs. Features like interactive tutorials and VR poker rooms enhance user experience. Providers who embrace these changes can attract both experts and beginners.

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Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency acceptance are making transactions safer and more transparent, boosting trust and expanding the market. In 2022, online poker’s value hit USD 86.2 billion. Its blend of tradition and tech suggests a bright future with value set to rise.

How does the future look?

Online poker’s popularity is on the rise in numerous countries. Even with regulatory hurdles, it keeps expanding. Though its growth isn’t as explosive as during the 2003-2009 poker boom, momentum remains favorable.

Bright days are ahead for online poker. Regular tournaments with million-dollar prize pools draw in countless players. With evolving tech features and more user-friendly platforms, engagement levels are set to soar. By 2030, the market could be worth around USD 237.5 billion, potentially reaching up to USD 283 billion by 2032. As mobile gaming also gains traction, more people will likely dive into online poker, further fueling its growth.

last updated 06.10.2023