This was once the most known type of Texas Hold’em up to the time No Limit dominated. When you look at No Limit and Fixed Limit, they are similar in some way but the differences between them are huge. The skillset you will need to master one game is totally different from what you need to master the other. From those who have played both games, the say that Fixed Limit is a science whereas No Limit is an art.

Fundamentally, when it comes to Fixed Limit Poker, you are supposed to bet one amount at a time and will only re-raise a set number of times for a street. This will set a limit to the number of decisions that are available to you and this being the case, there is the question of whether a player is right or wrong.

As for the FL, this is a great game for one to learn since the mistakes you’ll be making are not as costly as with other poker variants. When it comes to the No Limit, you have the chance of losing everything in a single hand for an error you commit. As for the FL, you will only lose a small amount.

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· Published 22.02.2018 · last updated 22.02.2018

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