Windfall SNG Turniere

Explanation of the windfall SNG tournaments

The chico network is one of the last networks to add a Spin&Go variant where players can multiply their buy-in by as much as 2,000 within a few minutes. The prize pool is determined by a random system at the beginning. In total, there are 7 different levels.

The rake is 7% on all buy ins and the tournaments are played in super turbo mode, so the tournaments run for a maximum of 6-12 minutes.

For all multipliers except the highest 2,000 multiplier wins only the first place prize money. If the random number generator remains at the highest level, then each player can look forward to a win. The division would be here then 70,20,10.

Payouts Windfall SNG

Payouts Windfall 2

How is the traffic?

The traffic is surprisingly very good, although these tournaments have been introduced in the Chico network only recently, which may also have something to do with the fact, that the highest buy in currently stands at $ 30, which means that there is also very strong traffic.. It remains to be seen if in the future also 50 and 100 $ tables will be introduced.

The peak hours are here when it is late in the evening in Europe or already night, which has to do with the US traffic, which makes up a large part of the Chico network. But also at other times is especially on the small buy ins (3-7 $) enough traffic. On the $ 15-30 tables, you may have to wait a bit out of the peak times until a table open.

Can i make long term money with the Windfall SNG?

A very clear yes! Due to the low rake of 7% and the large number of bad players you can play these tournaments profitably, even without a big multiplier. A big plus is that there are a lot of extra promotions every month, and the rakeback is excellent because of the fantastic VIP rakeback deal you get over YourPokerDream. Obviously, this will push your ROI extremely.

How much Rakeback i get with the YourPokerDream Deal?

  • VIP System
  • YourPokerDream 25.000 Main Rake Race
  • YourPokerDream VIP Deal(Ask our Support)
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What i have to do, to get the YourPokerDream VIP Deal?

  1. You sign up through our site at the selected poker room. Click on the button “REGISTER NOW
  2. You will now be redirected to the main page of the poker room where you can register.
  3. Log into your YourPokerDream account and enter the username at the poker room where you signed up over YPD
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T&C | 18+ Only

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T&C | 18+ Only

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US Players Welcome

Screenshot Windfall SNG Lobby

Windfall SNG Lobby

Author: YPD
last updated 01.06.2019