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As a Diamond Member of YourPokerDream you have the opportunity to compete in various live events – and it’ll cost you next to nothing! In many cases, YourPokerDream will pay anything from 50% of the buy-in to the full cost. Only your travel and hotel will you have to organize yourself, and in some cases the hotel will be included in the buy-in.

Now, you’re probably wondering why we at YourPokerDream want to do this. The answer is simple: we want to give our members a special incentive to reach our VIP Diamond status and to stay active. Furthermore, it’s good to find ways of promoting ourselves so that we become even better known, and thus our community will continue to grow.

How do I get Sponsorship for Live Poker Events?

  • Reach the YourPokerDream VIP Diamond Status
  • Contact our VIP Support to inform us of your interest.
  • Generate at least $3,500 of rake per month with an account tracked via YourPokerDream
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The events we select for our players will, of course, be those of our partner rooms. We will focus mainly on events of our partner PartyPoker (e.g. Party Live Millions), but also tournaments with other partner sites, too,  and of course the WSOP!

Depending on the size of the buy-ins, YourPokerDream will either pay the full amount or 50%, with the money for the buy-in either paid directly to the organizer of the event or sent to the player via Neteller 48 hours in advance.

The conditions vary depending on the deal. Players with a special sponsorship deal from YourPokerDream must attend 2-3 live events in a year, and wear a YPD patch on their shirts. Should a player finish in the money, the buy-in amount and just 15% of the profit is returned to YourPokerDream, with the player keeping the remaining 85% of the profit. Travel, hotel and other expenses are the responsibility of the player, while for certain events YourPokerDream may award a package that includes hotel.

To receive a sponsorship deal a player must meet the following conditions:

  • Reach our VIP Diamond Status
  • Participate in 2-3 Events
  • Generate a monthly minimum of $3,500 Rake/Fees with a tagged account at one of our partner sites.
  • Consent to conducting an interview at each event with YPD, which will be published on our site. A player’s real name will be published only with their consent. If desired, only the YourPokerDream username will be used.
  • If a player does not meet these conditions we reserve the right to withhold Rakeback and any other payment to offset relevant costs.
  • Players must wear a YPD patch on their shirt during the tournament.
  • If a player reaches a paid place, the buy-in and 15% of any profit must be transferred to YourPokerDream via Neteller or Bitcoin within 48 hours of the end of the event.

All players who are interested in a sponsorship deal should contact our VIP Support at or via Skype at vip-yourpokerdream to discuss and negotiate details.

Author: YPD
last updated 19.12.2023