Fly with YourPokerDream to Las Vegas and participate in the WSOP 2024

Has it always been your wish to fly to Las Vegas and participate in the WSOP? We might be able to help you fulfill your wish.

For the year 2024, we have something very big planned and we are giving away a total of 5 complete WSOP packages to our community.

The packages include the following:

  • Flight costs
  • Hotel costs
  • 1 Buy In for a $1,000 WSOP event

Are you up for it? If so, we would like to explain how you can win one of these five packages, which are worth several thousand euros.

Option No.1: Tell your friends and poker mates about YourPokerDream and advertise them with your referral link. Firstly, you will receive the regular commission when the player signs up for a poker room via YPD. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in our exclusive WSOP freeroll, which will be held at our partner GGPoker in March 2024.

A maximum of 30 players will participate in this freeroll tournament, and the first three players will receive a complete WSOP package from us at the end.

To participate in the freeroll, you must refer at least 10 new players to YourPokerDream by March 15, 2024. These players must sign up via your YPD referral link and then, of course, also at one of our partner poker rooms with our tracking links/bonus code. As soon as this player has earned a total of 100 YPD points, he counts as a recruited player. It doesn’t matter whether this happens in the first month, the second month, or after 5 months. The important thing is that he has earned these points before March 15, 2024, so he is also counted for you. There will be a leaderbord with your YPD username where you can track how many players you have recruited have already qualified.

A recruited player only qualifies if he signs up for GGPoker, WPTGlobal, TigerGaming, or BetOnline via YourPokerDream.

Option No. 2: The process is basically identical to the previous option, with the difference that the first two players who manage to recruit 15 new players who meet the requirements each receives a WSOP package from us.

Here too, a leaderboard will of course be created that shows the current status so that you can all understand whether you are on the way to a secure WSOP package.

Current Leaderboard

YPD UsernameQualified PlayersReferred Players
PLO Coach01

The most important questions about this promotion

You need a YPD account, as you can find your personal YPD referral link there to recruit players, but it is not mandatory to actively play via YPD as an affiliate. Anyone can participate in this promotion.

We will find you a flight to Las Vegas in the nearest city and your country. However, you will have to book the flight yourself. Of course, you will receive the money from us in advance via Bitcoin, USDT(ERC20), or on a player account at GGPoker, Pokerking, BlackChipPoker, or Americas Cardroom.

We book the hotel for you in advance and meet you on site in Las Vegas at the hotel to pay for everything and discuss everything else. You will receive the money for the Buy In for the WSOP event from us in cash.

Depending on flight and hotel costs, the value per package is about $3,000!

Not really. If a player comes from a country where he can sign up at the participating poker rooms. However, there is an exception for players from Germany who sign up at GGPoker. If you recruit a player from Germany and he signs up at GGPoker, he will not be counted. If he signs up at TigerGaming or BetOnline, he will be counted.

It’s very simple. You just need to create a YPD account and there you will find your YPD referral link in different languages. Pass on the link and that’s it.

It goes without saying that fair play is the top priority here. We will of course check new registrations to prevent attempts at fraud. If a player already has a YPD account from the past, this will of course not be counted, even if they create a new account.

Double registrations under different names will also be immediately excluded from the promo.

If we discover fraudulent activity, we will act immediately and, under certain circumstances, exclude you from the promo, or subsequently remove a certain number of referred players from the ranking.

Very important: Players who are recruited via special agent deals and do not deposit/withdraw themselves will only be counted as qualified players for this promotion if they have earned 1,000 YPD points.

YourPokerDream reserves the right to exclude certain users from the promotion or to adjust the promotion to avoid fraud and make everything fair.

This is possible and you will also receive your normal Tell a Friend commission. However, the recruited user only counts once for the promotion, even if they sign up with multiple providers.

It starts on 07/25/2023 and all players recruited from this point on will be counted for this promotion.

Author: YPD
last updated 09.09.2023