We at YourPokerDream start with an interview series of different players and ask them about their successes, what kind of games and limits they are playing, the online poker market and some other general stuff.

Interview from February 19th 2019 with our player Dontaskmuch

YPD Username: Dontaskmuch
Limit: PLO200
Playing at YPD:  Since 2018
Poker Site: Secret
Nationality: Secret

YourPokerDream: Hi dontaskmemuch, thanks that you found some time for our interview. How long have you been playing online poker?

Dontaskmuch: Hi, for about 10 years

YourPokerDream: Oh, wow thats really long. So you know the golden times as some poker players like to call it :) Did the game change a lot if you compare it when you started 10 years ago and now?

Dontaskmuch: Yeah it changed a lot, it was getting tougher for a long time but in the last year I would say it got a bit easier than before

YourPokerDream: Thats good news for all online poker players. So Online Poker is not dead? :)

Dontaskmuch: yeah for the time being it isn’t :)

YourPokerDream: You play PLO as i know. Did you always play PLO or you was playing in the past also NLH?

Dontaskmuch: No, I started with NLHE as most do, but I played pretty much every game online poker sites offered at some point

YourPokerDream: And why you decided to play now mainly PLO? Some players say the variance is really terrible and you have many swings. But the players have more leaks as in NLH. Do you agree with this?

Dontaskmuch: Yeah I do, also PLO is much more fun comparing to NLHE cash games so that is also a pretty important part of that decision

YourPokerDream: So you will focus also in future to PLO or maybe switch again to another variant?

Dontaskmuch: Will definitely focus on PLO in the future, don’t see myself moving to another game anytime soon

YourPokerDream: What was your biggest cash in a tournament or your best PLO Session?

Dontaskmuch: nothing special probably few k$, can’t really remember the exact numbers

YourPokerDream: Ok, how many hours you usually play every week?

Dontaskmuch: i would say roughly 4 hours per day meaning around 30 per week, but that can vary alot

YourPokerDream: You are arround 6 month now a part of the YPD Community. How did you hear about us? Is their something negative or positive you can say? Would you change or improve something?

Dontaskmuch: I remembered you from back in the day and when i was making a account on a new site I saw you had a good deal so decided to use you as affiliate. I am pretty happy with you as I feel you are doing your part pretty good so have mainly good things to say about you. I don’t have anything special to suggest from top of my head so I guess everything is pretty good :)

YourPokerDream: Thanks, we are glad to hear this. Before we come to the end i have one more question. Whats your goal for 2019?

Dontaskmuch: I would say 5k€+ average profit per month

YourPokerDream: That sounds good and we wish you the best of luck that your reach your goal

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