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The GG network continues to grow and we have given you 5 reasons to play there

The GG network is the fastest growing poker network in the world and has long overtaken big names like the iPoker network or Microgaming (MPN). In this article, we took a closer look at what makes the network so special and why it attracts players from all over the world.

In our analysis, we noticed some things and therefore we would like to give you the five reasons why you should play on the GG network.

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The number of players on the GG network

If you look at the number of players in the cash game on GG network, you will see that there is a steady rise – even times two on iPoker and even slightly higher than at PartyPoker/Bwin, with the tendency that there will be more growth very soon.

Starting with the small Mirco Limits up to the right high roller tables, there is plenty of action in Texas No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha. Also their fast-fold poker variant “Rush & Cash has a significant number of players and you can find 24/7 action.

In tournaments, the number of players is limited, but still every day you can find some great events.

The many bad players(fish)

The GG network is well-known to have a lot of bad players, which also has something to do with the fact that players from Asia and other exotic countries in the world are allowed to play there. The level is very bad, and you can still find weak players on the higher limits.

Of course, there are also professional players at the tables like every other poker room, but overall you can find more bad players on the GG network than other sites.

Super Rakeback in the GG Network

More rakebacks automatically means more profits; all skins of the GG network offer their players nice a rakeback. Given this, YourPokerDream allows you to receive a lot of extra rakeback through our exclusive promotions. We also provide exclusive VIP Flat Rakeback Deals.

 Modern and stable software

The software is technically in perfect condition, and there are many exciting features that other poker sites do not have – be it the possibility to set a straddle, the all-in insurance, and many more. Also, GG software is easily suitable for playing several tables. It is important to note more than ten tables can be accessed on the GG network.

Nice extra Promotions

The fish buffet, the honeymoon promotion, and the welcome bonus are part of the usual standard of every network skin. Monthly, there are great extra promotions worth several thousand dollars. The advertisements that come up on the GG network are great and usually outnumber those of other poker sites.


Overall, these 5 tangible reasons on why you should play on the GG network will definitely put you on the right track. Without any doubts, you will have fun on the GG network as a poker player, and it’s very profitable.

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last updated 02.07.2019