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As of October 28st, players in the GG network can only play a maximum of 4 tables at the same time

Today we received a surprising news regarding the gg poker network. As already introduced last month by PokerStars, the GG Network has now also decided to limit the number of tables that a player can play maximum 4 tables at the same time. This change will take effect from the 28st of October and affects all types of games except MTTs. In tournaments, players can continue to play as many tables as they want.

The reason is the same as at PokerStars and has the background to protect the casual players and to avoid that the regular players sitting on each table. Of course some regulars will not welcome this decision, but you have to accept that the market is changing and that all changes made by different sites are just the beginning, towards a more natural game and a better poker ecosystem ,

There have been a few changes this year with different poker sites on HUD, seating scripts and number of tables that you can play at the same time.

Even though the GG network has decided to take this step to limit the number of tables to four from October 1st, that does not mean that playing is no longer profitable. You will find softer tables with less regulars and the player field itself stays soft anyway. And of course, there are still very interesting promotions and for all players who register via YourPokerDream at a GG Skin a incredible high rakeback deal and a lot of exlusive promotions and tournaments.

Some multitablers will most probably leave the GG network and switch to the few poker sites where there is no table cap. But you have to look at the whole thing realistically and there are not really many alternatives, especially if you are playing higher as the micro limits. It also does not make much sense if you move to a poker room where you can play 25 tables at the same time but there is no traffic or it’s so full of regulars what makes playing there far from profitable. Of course, the decision is up to you.

We have already mentioned it in several other articles and can only say it again. The entire market is changing and all the major siteswill gradually go the same way, otherwise it would not be possible to survive. Ok, about the number of tables you can argue if a limitation to 4 tables brings the desired effect, but that it makes sense to prohibit the use of a HUD at each site as it happens gradually, is definitely the way to go for the future.

Update 20.11.2019 and statement from GG

“As you know, in the last update, we have limited the ability to play up to four tables per each cash game at the same time on the Desktop client.
However, under some circumstances, players are not able to play the 4th table. For example, in case that the cashout process is delayed by closing the table while the hand is in progress, a player may not be able to play four tables at the same time.

Now, we canceled this limitation for cash game tables through Hotfix, so you are able to play tables as many as you can. We will update the Table Limit later when we reinforce the solution to avoid any problems.

We apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced.

Thank you for your understanding.”

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