GGPoker is a well-regarded online poker room that provides many poker game opportunities for both novices and experts. There are always cash games and tournaments available and exclusive events such as WSOP tournaments. GGPoker has introduced a new and unique feature to the poker room. A new poker hand analysis tool called “Ask Fedor” is now available on the site, featuring updated advice from poker player and GGPoker ambassador Fedor Holz. We will also talk about the new EV Cashout introduced at GGPoker. Read on for more details. 

New “Ask Fedor” Feature

“Ask Fedor” is a new poker hand analysis function that has been integrated into the site’s hand history system. The program was constructed with the aid of poker expert Fedor Holz and the Prometheus AI tool. Players can now ask the tool to analyze their hand history in the poker room and receive feedback on how the GGPoker player played the cards. The report comprises a rating from 1 to 5 and a suggestion for better choices that the player may have made. The idea is to assist players in visualizing how they may play the given poker hand and then making gameplay improvements that would result in more wins. Here is what Fedor Holz, GGPoker Global Ambassador, had to say about this latest update:

“The perfect poker player doesn’t exist, and every one of us is curious about the best way to play a hand. This is why we’ve created Ask Fedor – your hand is analyzed in real-time and the advice provided will help bring your game to the next level. It helps bridge the gap between casual players and the professionals and is only available at GGPoker!”

The new feature is available to players in Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments. Additional game variations will be introduced in the future. After signing in, players at GGPoker are granted five free “Asks” of the tool. Players can pay up for a membership plan to receive additional “Asks” per month. Fedor Basic is $29.99 per month and includes 30 Asks every month without VIP games. Fedor Standard costs $99.99 per month and includes 120 Asks every month without VIP games. The last subscription, which costs $199.99 per month, includes Fedor Premium. The offer includes VIP games and unlimited Asks.VIP games are defined as cash games with stakes equal to or greater than $25/$50 per month. Tournaments with buy-ins of $5,000 or more also fall under the VIP category. GGPoker is presently providing a 50% discount on the first month’s membership.

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Coaching Tools in Other Poker Rooms

Coaching and training tools are certainly not new, and we are seeing an increasing number of online poker sites include them in their businesses. PokerStars has a long-running teaching program, PokerStars Learn, which was updated last year, and has recently debuted Level Up with Lex, a personalized video training tool. Unibet features an in-built Game Lab, one portion of which gives general suggestions for improvement. MyGame, partypoker’s own interactive coaching and training program, claims to be based on the finest GTO play.

All of them, however, are available to all players for free and are primarily aimed at helping casual players better their game while keeping them within the poker room rather than searching outside for third-party tools and services. GGPoker’s “Ask Fedor” feature is billed in a similar way. The website states that the reason for creating the program is to:

“Help bridge the skill gap, helping the game grow while educating and supporting our community. We want to give all players equal access to tools to help increase their Poker IQ,” 

However, the pricing tier places it among the top-tier of today’s top GTO solver tools, and the fact that it prevents play at VIP tables without a top-tier membership shows that GG regards “Ask Fedor” as a premium product worthy of a high price. The precision of the system will determine its success, which will have to be determined through player testing. The website provides little specifics about how it works, noting simply that it is powered by Prometheus AI. Moreover, the premium tier places it among the more costly GTO solvers on the market right now, roughly comparable to Run it Once Poker’s Vision. PioSOLVER, the most well-known Hold’em GTO solver, is billed as a one-time license with no analysis limit.

EV Cashout

Bad beats have long been one of the most difficult circumstances in poker since they have a significant psychological impact on the player. As a result, several rooms have established insurance solutions for specific hands. GGPoker used to provide All-in Insurance, however on April 29, it was replaced with EV Cashout. 

In any poker format, the EV Cashout appears in the hand at the cash table (except for AoF). There are two conditions that need to apply:

  1. You went all-in on the flop.
  2. Your hand has 60 percent or greater equity.

If all of these requirements are satisfied, the “Cashout” option will appear. You must click on it quickly or the hand will terminate without alteration. If the insurance is taken, regardless of the result of the hand, the player will get a payment, and the balance of the pot will be distributed to the other players. If there are many pots on the table, only those to which the player is entitled are insured.

The payout is calculated according to the following formula: 

(Pot Size – Rake – Jackpot Fee) x Equity 

There will be no extra commission taken and the payouts are processed automatically the moment the hand ends. Bot how is EV Cash different from All-in insurance? First of all, there is no commission from the room. There are also no requirements on the size of the pot and the number of participants in the hand. Moreover, insurance can only be taken once after the flop. 

It is fair to say that it is not very profitable for grinders to use EV Cashout since they lose profit and give away part of it for a chance to get away from variance in the given hand. Therefore, the higher the equity, the higher the losses. However, this feature can be useful for casual players, who tend to focus more on momentary profits. 

Who is Foder Holz?

Fedor was born on July 25, 1993, in Saarbrücken, Germany. It was evident from an early age that he would develop into a remarkable person, but the road to getting there would not be simple. Holz’s mother just was 17 years old when she gave birth to him, and she had to drop out of school to pursue a career as a writer. She had two more children after Fedor, so he would have two younger sisters. Fedor described his upbringing as pleasant and affectionate, although he encountered difficulties at school and among his friends. Holz’s intelligence was immediately apparent, and his IQ was evaluated to be 155, indicating that he was a borderline genius. However, because youngsters at school did not always appreciate Holz being so much smarter than the rest of them, he was frequently ridiculed and teased at school. Furthermore, because the school was not demanding for Holz, he would frequently skip or perform poorly there, as the typical incentives were insufficient for him.

Holz moved away from home when he turned 17 years old to study informatics. He met a group of buddies who were playing poker and generating modest gains. Nonetheless, Holz was astonished that it was feasible to play a game and consistently earn money, which made him obsessed with poker. Holz was just 18 years old when he first started winning at online poker. Initially, he would win only a couple of hundred EUR every month, but he had much bigger goals. He quickly found his first poker coach and mentor, who enabled him to play higher-stakes MTTs and improve his poker career to another level. Fedor understood at this time that he didn’t need school and that he could become successful and wealthy on his own terms, albeit money was never his primary drive.

Fedor Holz, who is not even 30 years old yet, has already achieved the success that most people can only dream of in their lifetime, and he accomplished it all by himself, from the ground up. While he has decided to retire from poker, the German is still very much connected with the game, both professionally and recreationally. Aside from that, Holz serves as a GGPoker ambassador, where he plays private games with fans, competes in various challenges, and does everything else that a good poker ambassador should do.

Many high rollers will be relieved to learn that Fedor does not appear in as many high roller tournaments these days, since his concentration has switched to his business interests.

This implies less competition in these events, where Holz was always one of the biggest threats and leading favorites. He spends a significant amount of time in Vienna, where he is formally settled, living the high life with his girlfriend Annelina. Fedor’s social media platforms are filled with love and happiness, as well as several success stories from all aspects of his life. Fedor has just found his love for NFTs and appears to be heavily involved with the new trend, demonstrating his intellect yet again, since investments in this burgeoning and lucrative sector might prove to be extremely beneficial in the future. It remains to be seen whether the young German will return to full-time poker in the future.

Author: Georgy
last updated 17.05.2022