A Bad Beat in poker occurs when a player who is a big favourite to win a hand ends up losing nevertheless.

A typical example of this situation might see a very strong hand such as 7777 losing to a straight flush on the River, with the losing player said to have suffered a bad beat. While unexpected in terms of probability and statistics, bad beats happen countless times every day, and are accepted as an unfortunate part of the game.

A dramatic bad beat with a celebrity twist happened at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, when Ray Romano of Everyone Loves Raymond fame was at the table where an amazing bad beat took place – an amazing hand saw Japanese professional Motoyuki Mabuchi’s quad Aces overtaken by Justin Phillips’ royal flush! To make matters worse, this eliminated Mabuchi from the tournament…

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· Published 24.10.2017 · last updated 01.03.2021

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