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· Published 13.05.2019 · last updated 25.07.2022

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Which online poker sites have the most players?

Punch in online poker sites into Google and there will be plenty of options that pop up. Each of these poker sites has their own pros as well as cons. Depending on the poker format or limit, you can find a plenty of fellow poker players or, in few cases barely enough to keep a table going. To help you choose the best poker room and make sure you have enough players in your preferred format, YourPokerDream has created this guide on where to find the best traffic online.

  • For each of the highlighted sites, the average player traffic will be reflected. Each site does tend to have a peak and low traffic period, often in the early evenings of the local time zones for the majority of players. Below each site review we’ve also included a quick sign-up link to ensure you receive the best offers YPD has available.

New players will also access to exclusive YourPokerDream promotions or can receive a very special VIP Rakeback Deal from us. Reach out to our support team to help determine which option is best for you.

We focus today on the following five most common poker formats:

partypoker/Bwin Player Number Comparison

Cash Games – Texas No Limit Holdem

As one of online poker’s longest running networks, partypoker/Bwin has plenty of ring (or cash) game options from the micro limits all the way up to the high states. During peak traffic periods (generally in the early European evening hours), you can easily find 10 to 20 tables of six-max no-limit running at every limit between $5 and $500.

If heads-up action is your thing, there’s plenty running form $25 buy-ins all the way up to $1000. High roller action also makes an appearance at partypoker/Bwin where you’ll often find a few tables of HU NL$5000 on the go.

Not too picky on your opponents and looking for a quick poker fix? You can try your hand at partypoker or Bwin’s fastforward tables. With a new table of opponents every time you fold your hand, action abounds in this format. From NL$2 to NL$200 you’ll generally find between 100-200 players online.

Cash Games – Pot Limit Omaha

If you’ve caught the PLO craze, partypoker and Bwin are great. From PLO$10 all the way up to PLO$2000 you will find enough players and running tables. Up to PLO$200, it’s quite normal to see 10 to 20 tables running for six-max, although there is still a few tables always running at PLO$500 and upwards.

Heads-up PLO tables are also generally well attended and if you’re looking for a match you can generally find action 24/7 at most limits.

Multi-Table Tournaments

As the online home of the WPT, Partypoker and Bwin regularly host some of the largest tournaments online. At any time of day, you can find a tourney running with a relatively large guarantee. There are regular daily scheduled tournaments for all buy-in levels — whether you’re looking to satellite into a Sunday major tournament for $1 or looking to take down a $530 high-roller tourney directly, there’s plenty of options on both Bwin and partypoker.

Bounty tournaments are increasingly making up a larger chunk of partypoker/Bwin’s schedule and their Daily Legends series will keep you entertained and knocking out your fellow poker players.

SNG Tournaments/Spins

Sit and Go (SNG) poker players will find that partypoker/Bwin action is focused primarily focused into Double Up and Heads-up tournaments with limited traffic in traditional SNGs. Double Up SNGs will generally fill up relatively fast up to the $10 buy-in level. While tourneys do run at high limits, you may have to wait a little bit for a table to start.

Under the Heads-Up SNG tourneys though, you will generally find a few tables with opponents waiting at all limits — if you’re buying in for $1 or $1000, someone is likely waiting on partypoker or Bwin to take you on.

Spins though are where most SNG traffic has migrated to on poker sites and partypoker and Bwin are no exception. All buy-in levels (they run from $0.25 all the way up to $500) will have games starting every minute and offers players a quick shot at large winnings.

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

GG Network (GGPoker, BestPoker and Natural8) Player Number Comparison

Cash Games – Texas No Limit Holdem

GGPoker is currently the number 2 network for cash game traffic and is quickly closing the gap on market leader PokerStars. With a focus on the Asian market, you’ll find peak traffic on GGPoker starts a little earlier than on partypoker but there’s plenty of action around the clock on this site.

Since they only allow six max tables in their cash games, there’s plenty of options and you’ll find a ton of games from NL$10 all the way up to NL$1000. Micro-limit grinders of NL$10 or $20 will generally find between 40 and 60 running tables to choose from. Regular grinders of NL$50 to NL$200 will notice traffic is a bit time dependent with up to 50 tables of each limit running at peak times yet even in the off hours you’ll generally find a dozen tables on the go.

Speed poker where you are shifted to a new table and opponents as soon as you fold is growing in popularity and GGPoker calls these Rush&Cash.

GGPoker has also become the home of high stakes action recently eclipsing even Stars in this area. Railbirds will find plenty to keep them entertained with some of the largest pots in history being awarded at these tables.

Cash Games – Pot Limit Omaha

The GG Network is also known for its PLO tables and poker players from around the world have sat down at the virtual felt here. With limits starting at PLO$25 and going all the way up to PLO$10,000 — the cards and pots are constantly on the go on GGPoker. Depending on the time, up to 25 tables can run at the lower limits while the medium stakes will be slightly less. Generally though, you can find about 10 to 20 tables at most limits.

From PLO$600 and up it’s a bit quieter but generally two to five tables are running depending on the time of day. Afternoons in Europe will tend to be the time these high stake tables start to take off.

Rush&Cash is also available on GGPoker in PLO format. Traffic is a little less than NLHE but you’ll generally find about 50 players at each of the limits between PLO$2 and PLO$200.

Multi table tournaments

GGPoker is one of the top poker sites now when it comes to MTTs. After hosting a successful inaugural online WSOP in the summer of 2020, GGPoker has continued to up their tournament game with unique tournament series and a robust daily schedule.

From the large prize pools of their tournament series to daily lower buy-in tourneys with five-figure guarantees, GGPoker is a great destination with plenty of traffic around the clock for the MTT specialist.

Sit & Go tournaments / spins

There are no normal SNGs at GGPoker but they do feature the popular spins or jackpot tourney format. Here these are called Spin & Gold SNG and offer buy-ins ranging from $0.25 up to $50. As the only format of SNG on the network, all of the limits here quickly fill up and the cards will be in the air virtually right after you register.

600$ Bonus/6.000$ YPD Freerolls

1.000$ Bonus/25k YPD Rake Race

iPoker Network (Betsson, Betsafe, BestPoker and NordicBet) Player Number Comparison

Cash Games – Texas No Limit Holdem

The iPoker Network focues primarily on the European market so traffic will tend to be good during the afternoon and evenings in Europe. While you will definitely find a game running here, it is nowhere near as busy as either partypoker/Bwin or the GG Network.

While iPoker does offer full-ring (9 player) tables, they generally sit empty and the action will occur at the six-max tables. Most limits from NL€2 to NL€50 will have between 15 and 20 tables running at most times (with more traffic during the peak periods).

Once though you start moving into the high buy-in limit of NLHE, tables become less busy and you may end up running into the same opponents over and over again. This is where GGPoker and partypoker stand out compared to iPoker.

Heads-up tables also run on iPoker at virtually all limit; however, outside of peak hours, you may need to wait awhile to find an opponent.

Cash Games – Pot Limit Omaha

PLO cash game traffic seems to be higher than NLHE on the iPoker network so aficionados of the four card game will likely be satisfied on the tables here. Running at most of the same limits as NLHE, traffic is steady here throughout the day and night.

Heads-up tables also are available but like their NLHE cousins, may have you sitting awhile to find a game.

Multi table tournaments

Offering a balanced MTT schedule for low and mid stakes grinders is something that iPoker is known for. Higher buy-in tourney players are likely to find better action on other sites but for anyone looking at the €5 to €50 buy-in range, iPoker may be the place for you.

Offering a mixture of regular, rebuy and bounty tournaments, each of these variants tends to quick off hourly with higher guarantees during prime European hours but also a few small guarantee tournaments with overlays in the overnight times.

Sit&Go tournaments/spins

Traditional SNG tourneys along with Double or Nothing tournaments tend to only run during peak European traffic hours; however, iPoker has been heavily promoting their version of a spins — Twister SNGs.

With buy-ins ranging for €1 to €100, and having Progessive Jackpots that can reach into the hundred of thousands of Euros for the lowest buy-ins, Twister SNGs will provide the best action for players on iPoker.

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

Unibet Player Number Comparison

Cash Games – Texas No Limit Holdem

Unibet gets most of their ring game traffic in the Texas Holdem variant. Micro and low stakes players will have no trouble finding a game. Traffic is decent, especially during the prime European hours, up to a maximum of NL$200. Once you get to NL$400 and higher though traffic can be slow and only a couple tables may be running at any particular time.

Heads-up action is also relatively busy at most limits of NLHE and after sitting down players will quickly find an opponent to go head to head with.

Cash Games – Pot Limit Omaha

You won’t see many players at the PLO tables but  nevertheless, you will find action up to PLO$100 with a few tables running at most time. From PLO$100, the number of players drops off but you may find a table or two at peak times.

Since many Unibet players make their way over from the sportsbook and casino, there tends be okay action at the PLO heads-up tables and you can often get a game going relatively quickly at many limits.

Multi table tournaments

Tournament selection is not the best here and you’ll miss out on some of the larger guarantees available compared to other sites. Low stakes players though looking for a smaller field though may enjoy the action at Unibet as MTTs tend to only get around 100 runners.

Sit&Go tournaments/spins

The SNG traffic at Unibet is very weak compared to other sites with only their version of spins guaranteeing players enough action to kick off a tourney. Buy-ins up to $10 will tend to launch with regularity but anything over that limit and you may end up waiting longer than the tourney takes to play.

200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

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