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Which online poker sites have the most players?

There are more than enough poker sites on the internet and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the variant and limit, you can find a lot of players or almost none on these poker sites.To help you choose the right poker room and make sure you have enough players in your variant, we have created this article.

Here, we have taken the average values of our observations. We have listed prominent sites to sign up directly if you are interested.

Notwithstanding, you can also gain access to our exclusive promotions, or receive a very special VIP Rakeback Deal from us.

We have analysed the following variants:

PartyPoker/Bwin Player Numbers Comparison

Cash Game Texas No Limit Holdem

Here you will find enough action from the Micro Limits to the high stakes. At peak times – from NL5 up to NL500 – you can easily find 10-20 running 6 max tables per limit.

Depending on the limit, heads up tables can be up to 50 tables. Starting with NL25 up to NL1000. Even on the mega high roller limits from Nl5000 + you can still find 2-7 running heads up tables.

Cash Game Pot Limit Omaha

Also in Pot Limit Omaha, PartyPoker and Bwin are great. From PLO10 up to PLO2000 you will find enough players and running tables. Up to PLO200 10-20 running 6max tables per limit are quite normal.

Even on the high stakes from PLO500, you will find up to 10 running tables depending on the time. Also, the PLO heads up tables are well attended and you can find 24/7 action on all possible limits

Multi-Table Tournaments

When it comes to Multi Table Tournament, PartyPoker and Bwin are far away from other vendors. You can find the best offer at tournaments of the most different formats here. Every day, a variety of tournaments are offered and several hundred players take part in it.

Sit&Go Tournaments/Spins

The Sit&Go lovers will find plenty of action at Double Up tournaments and especially at the Spins. 6 max Double-Up tournaments up to the $10 buy-ins actually start relatively fast here. From the $22 buy-ins, the number goes strong and you have to wait a bit until a table starts. The number of players increases and the tables start a little bit faster only in the evenings

The situation is different with the spins. Starting with the $1 tables up to $250, you’ll find plenty of action and players here.

Normal SNGs are actually almost dead, especially since there are the spins which attract players with interesting jackpots and big winnings. On the small limits of a maximum of $10, you will fine -most times- some Hyper Turbo SNG tables running, but in a very manageable frame, as it rather attracts the players to the double-ups and spins.

325$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

GG Network(BestPoker+Natural8) Player Numbers Comparison

Cash Game Texas No Limit Holdem

This network is very popular among players from Asia and other exotic countries. Here, only 6max tables are offered. You can surely find players starting with NL10 up to NL1000 here. From NL10 to NL20, you can always find between 30- 80 running tables. NL50-NL200 has different traffic depending on the time of day and at peak time you can find up to 60 running tables.

At the slightly worse times (late at night in Europe), the number of players goes back and there are only 10-15 tables running on average and high roller traffic from NL400 + is also available. Sometimes you can find 10+ running tables and even at the bad times, there are always 2-5 tables per limit on the run.

Cash Game Pot Limit Omaha

The GG Network is also known for its good PLO traffic. The limits start here at PLO25 to PLO10000. Depending on the time, up to 25 tables can run on the PLO25-PLO50 limits. From PLO100 to PLO400 it will be a bit less and there will be 10-20 tables maximum on every limit.

From PLO600 to PLO10000 it is a bit quieter, but also, 2-5 tables are always running depending on the time of day.

The number of players in the GG Network is especially good in the morning and at lunchtime in Europe because of the number of Asian players. Head-Up tables are not offered here!

Multi table tournaments

GG is now one of the top addresses when it comes to MTT, and there are various interesting tournaments every day. The guaranteed prize money and the number of tournaments are constantly increasing and there are also various large tournament series with several million dollars in guaranteed prize money.

Sit & Go tournaments / spins

There are no normal SNGs at GG, but the popular Spin & Go / Jackpot tournaments do. These are called Spin & Gold SNG and offer enough action at all limits. The tables start at 1$ and it goes up to 50$.

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

1.000$ Bonus/Up to 100% Rakeback

iPoker Network(Betsson, Betsafe, BestPoker, NordicBet) Player Numbers Comparison

Cash Game Texas No Limit Holdem

The iPoker Network offers enough players on all limits. It is important to know that you cannot compare it with PartyPoker/Bwin or the GG network, but there is always enough action here. At NL100, you can always find 5-10 running tables. However, NL 200-NL1000 and 4-6 running tables are quite common. Of course, it depends a little on the day of the week and the time.

Also, heads-up tables are offered and they start at NL2 and go up to NL1000. You can find enough opponents on all limits when playing between 10: 00-0: 00 European time. Outside these times, depending on the limit, it may take a while to open a table – especially on the higher stacks.

Cash Game Pot Limit Omaha

PLO lovers can always get the worth of their moneyy at iPoker. You’ll find plenty of actions on all the usual limits and at least 5 running 6max tables.

Additionally, heads-Up players will also find plenty of opponents here.

Multi Table Tournaments

IPoker’s MTT offer is very good and you can find several interesting tournaments every day with hundreds of players.

Sit&Go Tournaments/Spins

IPoker offers the best action in this area. Whether normal Turbo SNG, Double Up tournaments or spins, at iPoker you will always find enough players. Especially, the spins and double up tournaments are very popular and you will meet a lot of players on all limits.

On the higher limits only – starting from $50 – the number of players goes back slightly in the SNGs and double-ups. The spins are actually full action on all limits 24/7

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback+ Rake Chase

2.000€ Bonus/30% Flat RB+Rake Chase

Winning Poker Network(PokerKing, BlackChipPoker, Americas Cardroom) Player Numbers Comparison

Cash Game Texas No Limit Holdem

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) is home to the US players and other players around the world. The cash game traffic here is very solid and you will find at all limits a minimum of 5-10 running tables; in any case from NL2 to NL200.

At the higher limits from NL400, the number of players go back a little , but still you can find 1-3 running tables on all limits, especially if in the US is evening / night.

Cash Game Pot Limit Omaha

The number of players in Pot Limit Omaha is ok, but it depends heavily on the time of day. Since 80% of US players play here, you have to wait until late in the evening to find sufficient tables.

So before 19:00 CET, the PLO action is very modest and you will only find a maximum of 1-2 running 6 max tables. From 19:00 CET, it is better and till late at night, you will be able to play at all usual limits 4- 7 Tables.

Heads-Up Tables are not available.

Multi-Table Tournaments

MTT’s offer in the WPN network is not bad either and you will always find a lot of participants here. Again, it is similar to the Pot Limit Omaha, which starts good tournaments with most of the players only at night

In the morning and at noon, European players will not be happy if they want to play MTTs due to the difference in time zones

Sit&Go Tournaments/Spins

The number of players in this area is manageable but acceptable if the buy-ins are not higher than $10. Most of the action can be found in the spins, as in all other poker games.

But even here, most players find themselves late at night at the tables. On the higher buy-ins from $20, the number of players is very modest.

1.000$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome

Unibet Player Numbers Comparison

Cash Game Texas No Limit Holdem

Unibet has developed into one of the leading sites when it comes to Texas No Limit Holdem. Here, it must be said that the number of players is mainly on the limits to a maximum of NL200. You will always find 5-10 running per limit but also on higher limits NL400+ you find depend on the time 3-5 running tables.

There are 6 max tables as well as heads-up offered.

Cash Game Pot Limit Omaha

You cannot expect too much when it comes to the number of PLO players. Nevertheless, you will find PLO100 always 2-3 running tables that often meet fish. From PLO100, the number of players is less. At peak times, however, there are also 1-2 tables.

At the PLO Heads-Up tables, on the other hand, the enthusiasm of the players is a bit bigger, which of course, has something to do with the fact that only two players are needed.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The offer of MTTs is not the best and also the number of players. Low and mid-stakes players will always find a few tournaments here. On average, there are 50-125 players per tournament.

Sit&Go Tournaments/Spins

The SNG traffic at Unibet is very weak compared to other sites, only the proprietary spins’ variant ensures sufficient players up to the $ 10 buy-ins. Higher buy-ins than $10 makes the number of players lesser and the tables only open sporadically.

Even with the $10 spins, it may take a while, depending on the time of day. It is a great move playing a maximum of 1-2 tables – but multi-table is definitely flat.

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