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Cash Game more exists in different variants and in this article, we want to talk in detail about the various forms of cash game, the limits that are there and also a little about it what makes cash game so famous. There are various Cash Game poker rounds all over the world. This can be at home at the kitchen table, in various live casinos or of course at all online poker rooms in the world.

Unlike the tournament poker, there are no cash prizes for placements in cash games. Every chip a player wagers is worth the money and any wrong decision can cost money right away. At tournament poker you can theoretically get into the paid money places without even playing a hand. This is of course not possible with cash games, you have to play hands. If you do not then you will lose your blinds step by step until your money is gone.

There are different cash game variants. Of course, Texas No Limit Hold’em is the king discipline and the most popular, but Pot Limit Omaha has also become more and more popular in the last years and since this year the asian variant Short Deck Holdem has become more and more popular as well.

Texas No Limit Holdem Cash Game

As mentioned above, Texas No Limit Holdem is the king discipline in cash game and poker overall. Every online site offers it, starting with the Micro Limits where the blinds are only 01/02 cents, up to the realhigh roller limits with blinds of 100/200 € and depending on the aite even higher.

As an abbreviation to describe a limit to use NL which stands for No Limit. So if you hear the term NL10 to give an example, it means a cash game table with 0.5 / 0.10 cent blinds. In general a player can join a table with at least 10 big blinds and with a maximum of 100 big blinds. In our example the minimum buy-in would be 1 € and the maximum 10 €.

As the name implies there is no limit if you play this kind of cash game. Each player can shove all his chips any time all-in. There is always the possibility to lose all the money in one single hand at any time. Of course, each player has the possibility to rebuy up to 100 Big Blinds.

While other cash game variants attract more and more players, Texas No Limit Hold’em will always remain the major game. Some of the best cash game players in the world are Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen.

The rake/service fee whiich you play at the cash game tables are usually at all sites the same and you pay 5% of each pot. This fee is automatically deducted from each pot.

Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game

Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game also called PLO is clearly the number two behind Texas No Limit Hold’em and has gained an incredible amount of obesity in recent years, which is why you can find this type of cash game at any site as well.

As you get four instead of two hole cards, you get a lot more action and the chance to make hands is much higher.

Another big difference in contrast to the Texas No Limit Holdem Cash Game is the limit you can bet as maximum Now, you might think at first glance that this will not make big pots and you can win and lose less money. Who thinks that way is completely wrong. Pit Limit Omaha cash game creates much bigger pots than other variatnts as there are so many draws and opportunities to improve his own hand. Players rarely fold and bluffs are not so profitable and easy as at No Limit Holdem.

As far as the limits are concerned, thePLO Cash Games usually starts at 0.5/0.10 cents and goes up to 200/400 €

Again, all poker rooms are similar and usually take 5% rake. Big exception and insider tip are our partner sites BestPoker and Natural8 which only takes 3% rake in the PLO cash game.

 Cash GameShort Deck Holdem/ Six Plus Holdem

Short Deck Holdem Cash Game, or Six Plus Holdem has been very famous and popular since years in asia. Basically, the style of  betting behavior, the rules, buy ins etc are completely identical to Texas No Limit Hold’em. But as the name implies, a short deck is used, which means there are a few cards removed from the deck, so the chance to make a good hand increase.

An exact explanation of the rules can be found here under Short Deck Holdem Rules. Since there are a few small differences, you should deal with it to be successfully while playing Short Deck Holdem Cash Game.

Please note that not all sites offer this variant. At the moment you can find this kind of cash game poker only at the the iPoker network and Winning Poker (WPN Network)

Differences Cash Game Live vs. Online

First and foremost, you sit at a real table in live poker and look your fellow players in the eye. Of course, online is a virtual table and you do not see your opponents. The nice thing about online poker is that you can play against people from all over the world quite comfortably from the sofa or anywhere else.

Another big difference is of course the speed. In the live casino you play very few hands and it all takes time until you get dealt the cards and all players made their decisions. Online all this is done automatically and quickly, so that there are no big waiting times and you can play many more hands.

In addition, you only have certain cash game table limits in casinos to choose from, often the tables are occupied and you have to wait. With the online cash game, this is all very fast and you can sit down in seconds at the table of your choice and also choose between all possible limits that suit you. A player also has the opportunity to play at several cash game tables at the same time if he wants to.

Cash Game Rakeback Deals

A good cash game rakeback deal will bring you extra money as you get back part of your paid rake. And exactly those rakeback deals you receive from us. As soon as you register at one of our partner rooms, you will receive access to our exclusive promotions or you can agree a personal VIP rakeback deal.

You enjoy many benefits that you would not have as a normal online poker player. If you have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our support team 24/7.

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