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  • 25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

  • Retag possible(in some cases)

  • YPD Rakeback Deal(Up to 65%)

  • Weekly Rakeback

  • Mac Version available

  • Mobile Version available

  • Listed on the UK stock market

  • Nice promotions for beginner

  • Bwin Premium Program

  • Many bad players

  • A lot of players 24/7

  • 24/7 Support

  • Fast Cashouts


  • Small First Deposit Bonus

Bwin Poker Review

Bwin is a well-known name in the world of sports and real-action betting. Their betting and games make fun and entertainment out of live action in sports, and even open up betting to the worlds of politics and entertainment (i.e. the oscars). They have a place for everyone from newbie to veteran players.

Bwin is a well-known sponsor of football clubs including names like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Bwin Poker has its online casino and poker services licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar. Bwin Poker is an entity owned by ElectraWorks Limited which has met all the strict supervisory requirements of the Gibraltar Government.

ElectraWorks is also licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of the UK, demonstrating their adherence to strict government standards on transparency and fairness.

Bwin Rakeback

Bwin offers almost the same weekly rakeback program as their partner company PartyPoker. Players can receive up to 40% weekly rakeback depending on how many points they have earned.

PointsCashback-Payment% Rakeback
50,25 €10 %
100,50 €
201,00 €
505,00 €20 %
10010,00 €
15015,00 €
20020,00 €
30037,50 €25 %
40050,00 €
50062,50 €
60075 €
70087,50 €
800100,00 €
900112,50 €
1.000125,00 €
1.200180,00 €30 %
1.400210,00 €
1.600240,00 €
1.800270,00 €
2.000300 €
after 40% for every 400 Points

Additionally, YourPokerDream members are eligible to receive additional Rakeback from Bwin with our exclusive 25.000$ Main Rake Race and all other exclusive promotions. You can also work with our VIP team to arrange very special personal rakeback deals. Contact our support team under or by skype: vip-yourpokerdream

Please note: If you have an old existing account, our support team can help you to retag your old account or to open a new that you can enjoy our exclusive promotion and receive extra rakeback.

Receive up to 65% Rakeback with our exclusive VIP Rakeback Deals!

Tournaments at Bwin

When it comes to big poker tournaments, Bwin offers togetether with PartyPoker the cream of the crop. Bwin and its peer PokerStars offer the best online tournaments available. There are numerous big events every day with options for every bankroll. Whether a beginner or high roller, all types of players will find a good time. Every week their are tournamentes with minimum 6 Million USD Gtd.

Several times a year, the Powerfest boasts millions of guaranteed prize money and attracts thousands of players at their online tables. The Powerfest events are always an absolute highlight and guaranteed prize money of 20-30 million is not uncommon. In addition to the Powerfest, there are also occasionally small tournament series and promotions.

Anyone who enjoys playing poker tournaments and wants to cash in on big winnings is at the right place at Bwin.

Take a look at the fantastic tournaments Bwin offers their players every day.

TimeTournamentBuy In
15:00 CETSmooth Deepstack-M-: $12K Gtd$50 + $5
15:00 CETSmooth Deepstack-Mi: $100 Gtd$0.25 + $0.02
15:00 CETSmooth Deepstack-Mi: $1K Gtd$2 + $0.2
15:00 CETSmooth Deepstack-L: $3K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
15:00 CETSmooth Deepstack-M: $7K Gtd$20 + $2
17:00 CETDeepstack-M: $10K Gtd$20 + $2
17:00 CETDeepstack-Mi: $750 Gtd$1.37 + $0.13
17:00 CETDeepstack-L: $4K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
17:00 CETDeepstack-M-: $20K Gtd$50 + $5
19:00 CETWednesday Major-Mi: $200 Gtd$0.5 + $0.05
19:00 CETWednesday Major-Mi: $2K Gtd$3 + $0.3
19:00 CETWednesday Major-L: $7.5K Gtd$10 + $1
19:00 CETWednesday Major-M: $20K Gtd$30 + $3
19:00 CETWednesday Major-H: $35K Gtd$100 + $9
19:00 CETWednesday Major-HR: $40K Gtd High Roller$500 + $30
21:00 CETFast Wednesday Major-Mi: $300 Gtd$1 + $0.1
21:00 CETFast Wednesday Major-Mi: $2K Gtd$5 + $0.5
21:00 CETFast Wednesday Major-L: $5K Gtd$15 + $1.5
21:00 CETFast Wednesday Major-M-: $10K Gtd$50 + $5
23:00 CETAmericas Deepstack-M: $5K Gtd$20 + $2
23:00 CETAmericas Deepstack-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.37 + $0.13
TimeTournamentBuy In
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-H: $40K Gtd$104 + $5
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-HR: $40K Gtd High Roller$512.5 + $17.5
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-Mi: $300 Gtd$0.53 + $0.02
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-Mi: $3K Gtd$3.15 + $0.15
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-L: $10K Gtd$10.5 + $0.5
18:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-M: $25K Gtd$31.5 + $1.5
20:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-H: $50K Gtd$206 + $9
20:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-M-: $35K Gtd$52.5 + $2.5
20:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-Mi: $1K Gtd$1.05 + $0.05
20:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-Mi: $5K Gtd$5.25 + $0.25
20:00 CETBig Bounty Hunter-L: $15K Gtd$15.75 + $0.75
22:00 CETFast Bounty Hunter-M: $10K Gtd$31.5 + $1.5
22:00 CETFast Bounty Hunter-Mi: $300 Gtd$0.53 + $0.02
22:00 CETFast Bounty Hunter-Mi: $2K Gtd$3.15 + $0.15
22:00 CETFast Bounty Hunter-L: $5K Gtd$10.5 + $0.5
22:00 CETFast Bounty Hunter-H: $25K Gtd
TimeTournamentBuy In
17:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-M: $2K Gtd$21 + $1
17:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-L: $750 Gtd$7.16 + $0.34
17:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $200 Gtd$2.1 + $0.1
17:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $75 Gtd$0.53 + $0.02
18:30 CETPower Turbo-Mi: $200 Gtd$2.1 + $0.1
18:30 CETPower Turbo-L: $750 Gtd$7.16 + $0.34
18:30 CETPower Turbo-M: $1.5K Gtd$21 + $1
18:30 CETPower Turbo-Mi: $75 Gtd$0.53 + $0.02
19:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-M: $2.5K Gtd$42 + $2
19:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-L: $1.5K Gtd$15.75 + $0.75
19:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-L: $500 Gtd$5.25 + $0.25
19:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.44 + $0.06
20:30 CETPower Turbo-L: $1.5K Gtd$15.75 + $0.75
20:30 CETPower Turbo-L: $500 Gtd$5.25 + $0.25
20:30 CETPower Turbo-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.44 + $0.06
21:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-M: $3K Gtd$31.5 + $1.5
21:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-L: $1.5K Gtd$10.5 + $0.5
21:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $600 Gtd$3.15 + $0.15
21:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.05 + $0.05
22:30 CETPower Turbo-M: $1.5K Gtd$31.5 + $1.5
22:30 CETPower Turbo-L: $1K Gtd$10.5 + $0.5
22:30 CETPower Turbo-Mi: $300 Gtd$3.15 + $0.15
22:30 CETPower Turbo-Mi: $100 Gtd$1.05 + $0.05
23:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $75 Gtd$0.53 + $0.02
23:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-Mi: $300 Gtd$2.1 + $0.1
23:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-L: $1.25K Gtd$7.16 + $0.34
23:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-M-: $4K Gtd$52.5 + $2.5
23:30 CETPower Turbo PKO-M: $2.5K Gtd$21 + $1
TimeTournamentBuy In
23:00 CETAmericas Deepstack-M: $5K Gtd$20 + $2
23:00 CETAmericas Deepstack-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.37 + $0.13
23:00 CETAmericas Deepstack-M-: $10K Gtd$50 + $5
TimeTournamentBuy In
13:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Deepstack-Mi: $100 Gtd$0.25 + $0.02
13:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Deepstack-Mi: $1K Gtd$2 + $0.2
13:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Deepstack-L: $3K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
13:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Deepstack-M: $6K Gtd$20 + $2
13:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Deepstack-M-: $12K Gtd$50 + $5
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-H: $40K Gtd$200 + $15
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-Mi: $100 Gtd$0.25 + $0.02
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-Mi: $1K Gtd$2 + $0.2
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-L: $5K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-M: $10K Gtd$20 + $2
15:00 CETSuper Sunday Smooth Deepstack-M-: $25K Gtd$50 + $5
16:00 CETSuper Sunday 6-Max Bounty Hunter-HR: $50K Gtd High Roller$512.5 + $17.5
17:00 CETSuper Sunday Deepstack-M: $25K Gtd$20 + $2
17:00 CETSuper Sunday Deepstack-Mi: $1.5K Gtd$1.37 + $0.13
17:00 CETSuper Sunday Deepstack-L: $8K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
17:00 CETSuper Sunday Deepstack-M-: $40K Gtd$50 + $5
17:00 CETSuper Sunday Deepstack-H: $100K Gtd$200 + $15
17:00 CETSuper Sunday 1K Deepstack-HR: $100K Gtd High Roller$1000 + $50
21:00 CETSuper Sunday High Roller-SHR$2500 + $100
23:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Deepstack-M: $5K Gtd$20 + $2
23:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Deepstack-Mi: $300 Gtd$1.37 + $0.13
23:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Deepstack-M-: $10K Gtd$50 + $5
23:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Deepstack-L: $2K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68
1:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Main Event-M: $2.5K Gtd$30 + $3
1:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Main Event-Mi: $75 Gtd$0.5 + $0.05
1:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Main Event-Mi: $600 Gtd$3 + $0.3
1:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Main Event-L: $1.5K Gtd$10 + $1
3:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Second Chance-L: $2K Gtd$15 + $1.5
3:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Second Chance-M-: $3.5K Gtd$50 + $5
3:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Second Chance-Mi: $25 Gtd$0.25 + $0.02
3:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Second Chance-Mi: $300 Gtd$2 + $0.2
3:00 CETSuper Sunday Americas Second Chance-L: $1K Gtd$6.82 + $0.68

Safety & Responsible Gaming

Bwin and it’s holding company Elektraworks have top-notch security. Registration and compliance with the European E-Commerce Directive means that ElectraWorks is keen on protecting your customer data from manipulation, loss, and unauthorized access by third parties.

Bwin Poker starts its player sorting process right from the moment you register an account with them. You are required to register an account with your full name, address, and date of birth. This is their first step in preventing minors from accessing their gaming products. All winning payments need to be verified with this information at the time of payout. This goes a long way in preventing money laundering and betting manipulation.

ElectraWorks limited uses encryption technology from VeriSign in communication with customers on all web browsers.

To prevent online game addiction, The GVC Group which owns ElectraWorks has collaborated with various bodies like Havard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance to develop comprehensive gaming addition prevention programs.


Bwin is part of the Party Network meaning that there are always full games, cash game tables, and tournaments running 24 hours a day. Bwin’s cash game scene is particularly robust and you can find find games ranging from micro limits up to high roller limits.

As with all online poker rooms, the majority of the players are playing Texas Holdem Poker. Bwin also offers varieties like Omaha or Seven Card Stud Poker, and you’ll find plenty of players at peak times.

Especially the Pot Limit Omaha Tables have from the Micro Limits up to the High Stakes really nice action.

Multi Table Tournaments

Additionally, Bwin offers the best multi-table tournaments in the online poker market. Every day there are numerous tournaments with guaranteed prize pools attracting an incredible number of players, and many beginners.

Sit&Go Tournaments

For those who are looking for quick Sit & Go games, Bwin is the place to go. There are always robust games ay the $1-$20 limit table. We also highly recommended the 6max tables.


Bwin’s software has been improved recently and includes many new features. The website is very clear and easy to navigate- you’ll find the game type and the limit you want with out a problem. They clearly list all current promotions and also their cash register where you can deposit and withdrawal your money is easy to use.

Mobile App

Bwin also offers a great iOS or Android app for your phone. The app offers you the same features and user-friendly experience as the desktop version- you can download the app from the Bwin Homepage and log in as normal.


There are a lot of different promotions at Bwin, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your style and allows you to earn more money.


Among the highlights are clearly the Spin tables. These tables allow you to quickly multiply your buy-in up to 10,000 times through promotions. With only 1$ you can win incredible 10,000$ cash. There are several buy-in levels ranging from 1$  up to 250$. With just 5$ buy in you can win 1 Million USD!

Once you become familiar with Bwin you’ll also find they offer great benefits to frequent players through weekly missions that guarantee easy cash prizes.

All other Bwin promotions can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Players have access to all known deposit and withdrawal options. Bwin is quick when processing payouts; all payment requests are usually processed within 24 hours. VIP players are bumped to the start of the line offering zero wait-time for account payouts.


Bwin brand speaks for itself. Bwin is one of the largest and most well-known companies in the online poker market. Their strong systems and security means they will continue to be one of the busiest and best sites on the internet. The site is available in several languages and support is multilingual and available 24/7.

At Bwin you’ll find players from all over the world meaning good play 24 hours a day. Busy poker tables, and numerous extra promotions are strong arguments to head on over to Bwin. And if you want to stray a bit from poker, their sports betting is always a good time.

Not able to open a new account because of your country location?  Already have an existing account but would like to receive extra rakeback? Don’t worry, we can help you. Just contact our Support Team by email ( or Skype (vip-yourpokerdream) for Deutsch/English Support 24/7.

  • VIP Online Poker Rakeback Deals
  • $25.000 Main Rake Race
  • YPD VIP Rakeback Deals(Up to 65%)
  • Weekly Rakeback up to 40%
  • YPD Tell a Friend Promotion
  • 24/7 VIP Skype Support

Language: German, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish
Licence: Gibraltar
Established:2011 (Merge with Party/WPT)
US Players: Not accepted
Deduction Information: Bonuses are not deducted from Cashback

Phone: 0043-1-253 253 3

Available Options:Bank Transfer, Giropay, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Kalixa, Laser Card, MasterCard, PayPal, uKash, entropay, Paysafecard, Citadel Instant Banking, clickandbuy, Diners Club International, Maestro, InstaDebit, Sofortüberweisung, ELV, iDeal, WebMoney, Moneta, Dankort, click2pay, eWire, Poli, Paybox, La Caixa, Teleingreso, Abaqoos, Przelewy24

How long needs a withdrawal? By Skril or Neteller payouts needs between 12-48h. In the most cases you have your withdrawal after 8-14h at your skrill or neteller account

Available Currencies: € £ $

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Australia, Bermuda, Bulgaria, China, Congo (Republic Of The), French Guiana, Guam, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Romania and Slovenia.

Bwin introduced a new VIP tier called ‘Bwin Premium’ lately. Bonus values, return and the critera on how to rank and upgrade players onto this new VIP level have not been published yet. However in case you get upgraded onto Bwin Premium, you will not participate in normal B`inside loyalty system any longer and get exclusive Bwin Premium bonuses instead going further. Players should be able to follow their first Bwin Premium Poker Promotion at ‘My Promotions’ section shortly.

First step: Earn Bwin Points by playing poker to achieve a VIP level. 1$ Rake/Fees= 1 Bwin Point

Second step: Convert your bwin Points in the bwin Market directly into cash or buy a bonus. We recommend buying a bonus because they offer the higher value(40% Real Rakeback) and the points you earn while clearing them count towards your VIP level and can be used to buy a new bonus afterwards.

Make your first deposit at Bwin Poker and get a 100% up to €500 bonus for the amount of your deposit. (For example: Deposit $100 and get $100 pending bonus)
Earn Bwin Points to clear the bonus.
For every $1 of Rake you will get 2 Bwin Points.
For every 400 Bwin points you will get 50€ of the bonus.
The bonus corresponds to 33% of cashback additionally to the Bwin Poker VIP System.

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Bwin Poker Promotions: