YourPokerDream explains what PVI is and its effects on all network skins and players

Anyone playing in the GG Poker Network has certainly heard the term PVI. Unfortunately, there is no big explanation from the GG network about PVI (actually none at all) and many players — especially casual gamers —  don’t even know what the term is.

For players that don’t know what PVI is, we have given an in-depth explanation in this article.

It is essential to know that every player who plays in the GG network, regardless of the poker skin, receives a PVI (Player Value Index). Theoretically, this can vary between 0 and 2. For an occasional gamer who doesn’t play regularly and who is no winning player, the PVI should tend towards 2, while for winning players, it should always be below 1.

It is interesting that not all variants in the GG network are influenced by the PVI. No PVI is currently used for tournaments, and the all-in or fold variant (as of 02.06.2020). It is possible that this will also be used in the other variants in the future.

What does that PVI mean?

PVI is used on the normal texas hold’em cash game tables; short-deck hold’em as well as on Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and the Rush & Cash tables (Fast-Fold Poker). However, only the GG network itself knows how exactly this is calculated and there is no precise information.

We know that a player’s PVI can change after every session and that Hold’em and Omaha games are divided into 4 blind groups (VIP / High / Medium / Low), every player receives his/her own PVI for each blind group. When a session ends, the PVI of the blind group to which the session belongs is updated.

Nobody knows how much rake the network values ​​for a player — not even the poker room itself. So it would be entirely possible for a player to actually generate 1k rake, which, however, is 1.3k due to the PVI, or in a negative case only $700 for example.

Some of the factors that are likely to affect a player’s PVI are:

  • Playing behavior/number of tables
  • Betting behavior
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • From wich players will win the money (Regular or casual players)

Similar models are also available in other networks such as iPoker or Microgaming (MPN). It’s not called PVI there, but it’s basically the same thing.

Is the PVI ( Player Value Index) in the GG Poker Network fair?

It is not really a good idea that not all rakes are rated by a good winning player who constantly makes good sales because it affects a poker room, the player, and also an affiliate. Clearly, we prefer if there was no PVI and that everything else was understandable.

On the other hand, the players’ pool in the GG network is undeniably very soft. Most fish and beginners can actually be found here — even at higher limits. There are also various promotions worth several hundred thousand dollars every month, which have to be financed somehow.

Nevertheless, the issue is not the PVI itself, but rather the lack of transparency in it. This aspect disturbs the skins of the GG Network, just like the affiliates and also gamers.

We don’t want to judge whether PVI is fair. There are certainly arguments that speak against PVI, but there are also arguments that speak and justify it. As for the lack of transparency, this is a general problem in our industry and definitely not an isolated case.

In the end, there are only two options: you accept it as it is and enjoy the many advantages that the GG network definitely brings with it, or you play with another provider.

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