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YourPokerDream community is one of a few affiliates, who offer sponsorship for live poker tournaments to our DIAMOND players. We pay for the hotel and ofcourse the buy-in, the only thing you need to pay – the flight. Being a party of our network, you can travel whole year and play the biggest tournaments worlwide. Our community is constantly growing, so we belive, that having strong poker team can lead us all to desired success. On this page you will see all upcoming events, currently holding and passed events. Follow us up!

How to get sponsorship to Live Poker Tournament?

  • Reach the YourPokerDream VIP Diamond Status (click here to figure out hot to reach VIP Diamond Status)
  • Contact our VIP Support and tell us about your interest
  • Generate at least 3,5k of rake per month with an account tracked via YourPokerDream

YourPokerDream will announce the different Live Events shortly. We plan to send 2-5 members to these events and we will give further details of the selection procedure. We are going to choose 5-7 Live Events, most of them in Europe, but also some events outside. As already mentioned we will pay for traveling costs, lodging and the buy-in. So it is absolutely free for you. Locally of course somebody will guide you. Now the most important question for most of you. What happens if a player gets in the money or even wins the tournament? YourPokerDream receives 25% as a commission of the total winnings. So 75% is completely yours! Exact details will be arranged with each player flexibly. What do you want more? Travel somewhere, pay nothing for it and even get the chance to come back with lots of money… doesn`t sound bad, does it?

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