Wir vergleichen PartyPoker mit dem GG Poker Netzwerk

The Comparison between PartyPoker vs. GG Poker Network

In this article, we would like to make a detailed comparison between PartyPoker and the gg network. It is essential to know that GG Network and Partypoker are the only real alternatives to PokerStars.

Both operators offer a variety of advantages for every poker player. Although, GG Network is far ahead of the number of cash game players.

We will compare both operators through the following points in this article:

  • Amount of players
  • Software
  • Rakeback
  • Promotions
  • Offer for tournament players
  • Payment methods

Amount of players GG Network vs. PartyPoker

When it comes to the number of players in the cash game for Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha , GG Network is ahead of partypoker. While GG Network is based on a seven-day average of 1,700 players, PartyPoker and Bwin only manage 1,300 players.

PartyPoker and Bwin have formed a network for many years, and both are incredibly big names, not just in the field of online poker. But in the last few years GG Network has managed to build the most reliable network in the world.  Big names such as the iPoker network have long been outdated – with PartyPoker and Bwin inclusive

Partypoker only has an edge in the tournament field, but that is also because there are no Sit & Go tournaments in the GG network. There are MTTs, but here the number of players at PartyPoker is even higher; GG Network is also catching up and making the MTT offer more interesting for players.

Especially in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), the number of players at all limits in the GG network is much better than at PartyPoker. At the Texas No-Limit Holdem tables, it is still relatively equal, depending on the time, and here is the only advantage on the side of GG Network.

In Fast-Forward Poker, both providers are relatively similar, but in NL50, there is more action at GG Network.

While the number of players at PartyPoker mainly comes from Europe, GG Network benefits from many Asian players, who not only make the playing field a lot softer, but also ensure that you can find 24/7 action at the virtual tables.


When it comes to software, both operators are top-notch. The website of both operators is user-friendly. Also, you can easily play several tables at the same time, and everything is stable. The mac software and the mobile version are compatible and easy to use.

The GG software stands out a bit because there are some unique features that neither PartyPoker nor other operator has on the market such as EV insurance, Straddie function, Run it Twice function, all-in insurance, Rabbit Hunt and the staking function which gives players the opportunity to sell their own action or buy some action from another player.

Even though Party Poker has very decent software, GG has its nose in the lead with some unique features.

PartyPoker vs. GG Poker Network: Rakeback Comparison

Party/Bwin both offer the same VIP Rakeback program: up to 40% weekly Rakeback.  PartyPoker even has up to 60% if you reach the VIP Diamond Elite status. However, you have to generate 200k of rake per year here, which is only possible for free high rollers.

In the GG Network, there is the Fish Buffet program for all skins, which can even bring up to 100% Rakeback at the top.  In the long run, this would, of course, be more than unrealistic. Additionally, the Fish Buffet brings around 50% Rakeback at the top.

Attention: YourPokerDream offers exclusive Rakeback deals for both sites


Each month, both providers offer a variety of interesting promotions, which bring you extra cash/rakeback as a player. However, there is a big difference in the first deposit bonus. Even if YourPokerDream players, at PartyPoker and Bwin, still get an exclusive 100% up to $ 500 bonus on the first deposit, there are up to $ 2,000 depending on the skin from the GG Network.

We recommend  BestPoker when it comes to promotions because every player there receives a $2,000 welcome bonus, even if you only deposit $ 10. Every $10 rake the player receives $ 2 which equals 20% RB.

 Tournament poker

GG Network and Partypoker offer exciting tournaments with guaranteed prize money daily, but PartyPoker significantly better when it comes to tournament poker. There are many different tournaments and variations, and several times a year, there are some exciting tournament series such as the Powerfest, for example, or the Power Series with several million guaranteed prize money. Also, there are great satellite tournaments to qualify for major events, as well as great live tournaments.

GG Network gradually improves its MTT offer and also starts special tournament series with big guaranteed prize money. However, GG Network can not be compared when it comes to the number of players at PartyPoker / Bwin. Player numbers and guaranteed prize money are much higher at PartyPoker.

Furthermore, GG Network’s High Roller MTTs are unique, and it hosts a tournament with a buy-in of $ 25,000 once every hour.

Even if you find some nice MTTs at GG Network, as an MTT lover, you will find your luck at PartyPoker / Bwin. Of course, one should not forget that more participants bring higher prize money and increase the variance.

Payment Methods

Popular e-wallet providers such as Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Visa, and MasterCard are available for all sites. So the most used payment methods are available are also available on Partypoker and GG Network.

For crypto enthusaiasts, GGPoker and Natural8 accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Although PartyPoker and Bwin do not offer cryptocurrencies, they do offer bank transfer and a few other payment methods – even though they aren’t used too often, they are convenient for some players. Also noteworthy is the PartyPoker and Bwin also offer Paypal.

Depending on the location of the player,  the offered payment methods may differ slightly.

Final Words

Both are basically a good choice. However, if you look at the overall package, you will notice that the sites of the GG network bring a lot more benefits and also offer a very special online experience.

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last updated 14.09.2023