Chaos in the gg poker network after it was decided overnight to immediately exclude 13 countries from the network.

The GG Poker Network is always good for a surprise, but this time in a negative sense. Some players and also we looked very surprised than on Sunday the 03.11. 2019 evening without warning the following info from Natural8 as first gg network skin arrived.

ATTENTION: Article updated on the 08.07.2020 because some countries are again accepted at the GG Network and not excluded anymore.

Due to recent changes in gaming laws regarding online poker and risks involved with political instability and terror threats, we regret to announce that we have decided to block access (IP addresses) from the following countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania(New sign ups only available at Natural8), Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland

Without any info in advance that they think about some changes and some kind of warning, comes a bang. It is fine if a network or a provider decides to exclude different countries for whatever reason, but please not in such a way overnight.

Confusion arround the gg network

Confusion among the individual providers of the gg network

As if that were not bad enough, now there is the complete chaos in the network, no one knows so right whether this applies only to some skins such as Natural8, whether it applies to existing players in the network, or if it concerns only new sign ups and existing players may be able to continue playing at some skins.

As of 04.11 the player from the affected countries can no longer play at Natural8 and even not log in anymore. At GGPoker and BestPoker it is not possible to sign up anymore, but existing player accounts from some countries can still log in and play as usual.

Understandably, the confusion is big for everyone and a clear statement why this is so and how all will continue, nobody know yet. Some players still have the hope that some skins will be allowed to retain existing customers and to ban the service only for new registrations from the mentioned countries.

The decison and the way how it works now is not understandable at all

That the gg networks wants that all operator offer their service only with an official license in certain regulated countries and do not act illegally is understandable. But the fact that the market is regulated in countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Switzerland, everybody know not only since yesterday. So the question arises which specialist has come up with the sudden idea to put on such a short-term unthinkable action. The question can only be answered by the gg network itself.

As far as the players’ balance is concerned, none of the players had any problem so far and all payouts have been processed within a few hours, even larger amounts between 10-20k have been processed as usual.

We are very excited about how all continues on and what are the motivations for such a step. It is speculated that the recently very strong DDos attacks against the gg network, play a role and wanted to exert pressure to pull back from the markets. But somehow that does not make sense, there are also other providers that operate in these markets without a license. In addition, the market in some of the affected countries is not regulated at all.

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Update 05.11.2019

The situation looks like this after a statement today. New registrations from the mentioned countries are excluded for all providers who are part of the network. Existing players can continue to play at GGPoker, with all other skins existing player accounts from the 13 countries should actually be completely excluded. According to current information, this is currently only true for Natural8. With our partner BestPoker players from the affected countries continue to play at the moment. How long will it be nobody know. Most probably not long aynmore.

Update 08.11.2019

It seems so that almost all existing player accounts can continue to play. Only new sign ups are definitly not possible anymore.

Update 26.02.2019

New sign ups from Poland are again allowed at GGPoker and Natural8.

Update 08.07.2020

Slovakia and Slovenia are now again allowed to play at GGPoker and Natural8.

last updated 23.01.2021