Paysafecard continues to be a very popular payment method for poker players

Paysafecard is still a popular payment option in 2020

Many players from all over the world use Paysafecard to deposit real money at a poker site. This uncomplicated and secure payment method has meanwhile become established among international gamblers and also in 2020 nothing has changed.

But how exactly does the deposit with a paysafee card work? Where do you get these cards and at which poker rooms can I deposit with it? All of these questions are answered in detail in this article so that after that no more questions about paysafecard should be open.

Before coming up with all the questions about the paysafe card, here are all the providers who offer paysafecard as a payment method:

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Instructions how to deposit with paysafecard at an online poker room

  1. As a first step you have to buy a paysafecard somewhere. A few options where you can pay paysafecard we show you in this article. Just ask the seller for paysafecard and then you can choose between different amounts of 5 to a maximum of 100 €.
  2. You will receive a note containing a 16-digit number code. Do not lose this code because it is money worth and if you lose the code also the money is gone.
  3. Find a provider that accepts paysafecard as payment method. At the top of this article you will find all providers which accepts paysafecard. Go to deposit and select paysafecard as method. Now you will be redirected to an external page, where you just have to enter the 16-digit number, which is on your note. That’s  it and if you have entered the code correctly, the amount is already available on your player account.Now you can start to make action at the Texas Holdem tables, Pot Limit Omaha or big tournaments.

Where can I buy paysafecards?

The Paysafecard can be purchased in many supermarkets, internet cafe, mobile phone shops and drugstores. In addition, paysafecards will also be available at many gas stations, kiosks and lottery locations.

It is also possible to buy a paysafecard online, but in this case you have to pay the card with another form of payment, as cash online is not an option.

Anonymity is a big advantage of Paysafecard

Benefits of paying with Paysafecard

Using a paysafecard to make a deposit with a poker site brings numerous benefits for online poker players from all over the world. The paysafecard is the only way to make a deposit entirely anonymously at a poker room or another gambling provider. No credit card is charged, no bank account, only cash which is then exchanged for an anonymous code.

And exactly this anonymity and the uncomplicated process make paysafecard still popular in 2020. Since the paysafecards are almost everywhere, it is not a big problem to find them in your area.

If you value anonymity, you will not miss paysafecard the same than Bitcoins.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Paysafecard

All important questions are briefly listed here. If you still have a question which is not listed here, we are of course always happy to help.

Can everybody deposit on poker sites with paysafecard?

Yes! Paysafecard is available in a lot of different countries. However, it is quite possible that some providers offer paysafecards only in certain countries as a payment method.

Is paysafecard safe?

Absolutely. As long as you do not lose the code nothing can happen. If you lose it, the credit which is linked to the code is gone or can be used by a foreign person who finds the code.

Is it possible to make cash outs with a paysafecard?

No, since these are prepaid cards, which are worthless after use and can be disposed of. If you want to request a withdraw you have to do it to your bank account, credit card or any e-wallet account. We definitely recommend ecoPayz!

How many Paysafe cards can I purchase?

There is no limit. You can easily buy 50 x 100 € paysafecards from a seller if you want to.

Are there any fees when using paysafecard?

No, our recommended online poker sites charge no fees when you make a deposit.

Which Paysafecards exists?

The prepaid cards can be bought in the following amounts: 5 €, 10 €, 20 €, 25 €, 30 €, 50 € and 100 €!

last updated 11.02.2020