There’s plenty of Cash Game action in 2024

Cash Game Texas No Limit Hold’em is by far the most popular and most played variant in online poker, and there are no signs of this changing in 2024. It is a key characteristic of Cash Game poker that every chip has actual, real monetary value – as opposed to tournament poker, where our buy-in translates to a set amount of chips that can vary depending on the tournament structure. When playing Cash we can win or lose a large amount of money within a few minutes or even seconds. This is what attracts players to Cash Games, and is another reason why Pot Limit Omaha has also become increasingly popular.

Finding enough opponents at the Cash Game tables is never a problem on most online poker sites. The vast majority of players tend, of course, to be at the so-called micro limits, which can see blinds start as low as 1/2 cents. Having said that, even at the higher limits it’s not at all unusual nowadays to find decent traffic around the clock, especially on the big poker sites. These will mostly be 6-max, shorthanded tables but, depending on the poker site, we can also expect to see tables with 9 players, although as the years go by poker fans have grown to prefer the ‘quicker’, more action-fuelled 6-max format.

Blind levels and skill

As far as actual skill goes, while it is true that the level of understanding and appreciation rises year after year, with the internet being saturated with articles, courses, videos, live broadcasts and all manner of teaching materials, the big jumps in sophistication are no longer so noticeable now that those new plateau of ability have more or less levelled off. Consequently, it’s reasonable to assume that whatever level of opposition we’ve been used to during 2023 will be the same in 2024. At the lower limits there will still be many recreational/weak(er) players mixing it with regulars and other fun players. It stands to reason that as the table limits increase, the calibre of our opponents also increases in line with those higher stakes, but it’s important to remember not to be too literal in how we make such a comparison. There will be plenty of players who might have the same sized bankroll as their peers at lower limits, but simply prefer to try their luck at, for example, 10c/25c games instead of 5c/10c. Meanwhile, there will be other players, too, who continue to fall foul of bad habits, have leaks in their game and who, generally, are exploitable by solid, sensible play. Weak play might not necessarily be properly punished in tournaments, where the luck element is more of a factor, but every hand in a Cash Game sees real money at risk, so the strength or weakness of one’s game is in turn assumes all the more significance. If you wish to pit your wits against opponents who are drawn – perhaps unjustifiably in terms of not having the desired level of skill and ability – to high(er) stakes games, then our partner sites BestPoker and Natural8 from the GGPoker Network in particular could be promising hunting grounds, not least because here you might find a high proportion of recreational/weak players from Asia who, not untypically, tend to favour high stakes fun.

It’s important that Cash Game players consider which is the most appropriate blind level at which to play. Just because it’s possible to find sufficient traffic on all online poker sites, it doesn’t follow that we should just dive in regardless. There can be considerable differences between various stakes.

Cash Game fans should consider the following criteria when choosing a poker room:

  • How good is the traffic at the limit you want to play?
  • What is the ratio between fish and regulars?
  • How much rakeback do you get?

As always, at YourPokerDream we’ve done the groundwork for you, and we have come up with a list of the top providers for Poker Cash Games. With the recommended sites, YourPokerDream will offer you an exclusive rakeback deal to help increase your profits and ensure that you’ll find enough traffic and enough fish to better reach a solid win rate; note that this isn’t limited to just the low(er) limits.

Thanks to the online poker boom the industry saw during the last couple of years, we can expect to see lots of action in 2024 and even more money to be made at the Cash Game tables. With this in mind, make the most of the opportunity and boost your winnings!

Our recommendation: Not surprisingly, we recommend our partner sites GGPoker or Natural8 from the ggnetwork – not least because you will find a healthy flow of Cash Game traffic at all limits, as well as more than the average distribution of inexperienced and beatable players. Jump into the action and enjoy our exclusive promotions and rakeback deals.

Meanwhile, our partner BestPoker from the iPoker Network is also a really a good choice.

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last updated 09.01.2024